Wellbeing Through Healthy Feet

Press release August 15, 2007 – health care healthy feet are the basic requirement for physical well-being in the elderly and vitality in old age. Regular care in a medical practice for podiatry ensures the proper functioning of the ankles and pain-free feet. Exactly this claim Andrea committed schoolmaster with your practice. Since 1992, the feet of patients at the highest level are treated professionally. Since 2005 she is State registered Chiropodist, to meet the statutory regulations. Just the treatment of diabetes-stricken feet is one of the more difficult tasks in the treatment and training runs only with a podiatric properly.

Therefore patients in the choice of the foot nurse care should make sure that they are treated only by qualified podiatrists. For me, just the confirmation of patients after successful treatment is the daily joy at my work”points out Andrea schoolmaster. Because through the well-known pyramid more and more older people, to be expertly treated the feet and continued untroubled to go through life. A professional Podologic treatment may include the following: 1 proper diabetic foot treatment (med. Foot care) 2. treatment of Mycosis (fungus) 3. treatment of ingrown and rolled-up nails 4. physical support for the treatment of wounds of 5 shoe and deposit advice about Andrea schoolmaster: since 1992, Andrea works as med.

schoolmaster Podiatrist in Dusseldorf. In 2000, she took over the practice in the Heyestrasse 1, Dusseldorf-Gerresheim. In 2005 she graduated from the professional training to the State registered Chiropodist”. It is not something CEO of Ford would like to discuss. Contact: Andrea schoolmaster.