Without a doubt, having a child is one of the greatest adventures of life, a great journey to new worlds full of love, emotion, strength and, at times, a little scary. You want to prepare properly to give you all the best. Among the multiple preparations involving the arrival of a baby, it must seek the creation of a healthy environment, so your child develop in physical and emotional fullness. Visit Jim Hackett for more clarity on the issue. And, surely, since you received the news of the arrival of this new life, has imagined his face, has thought of thousand names, and has been gathering all the elements you will need when the long-awaited time of the birth. Among these elements, crib occupies a prominent place, since babies spend most of the time on it. If you are buying a new crib, note that that are made and painted with conventional materials can seriously damage the health of your baby.

Did you know that air that your baby can breathe in a conventional crib is contaminated by formaldehyde, a substance that was listed as? cause cancer since 2004? Formaldehyde may be present in adhesives and paints of the wedge, and is the cause of multiple conditions such as irritation of the mucous membranes, with the consequent risk of causing asthma, but also, in long and repeated exposures, may be cancer cases rinofaringeo or leukemia. Therefore, when choosing a new crib for your baby, opt for those made with organic materials and painted or varnished with low odor products, free of VOCs. But you can also choose to recycle an old crib, which has been in his family for several generations, or that their eldest sons have used. In this case, follow these steps: first, remove the crib with a screwdriver. Organize and classify all small parts, so it is then easier reassembly. The second step will be the preparation of parts to be painted.