Trial Staff Motivation

University of East kernel of bolivar Department of bioanalysis subject health science school: methodology of research professor: Mercedes Romero city Bolivar, February 2009 author: PEnA YBIS essay: motivation of the staff and user satisfaction by the importance of his actions, a degree in bioanalysis is a trained professional scientific and technically to perform analysis and laboratory testsaimed to determine the normality and abnormality of the composition of the internal environment of the human body, and the ves contributes to the diagnosis of pathogens as a result of their actions on the body. Therefore becomes relevant, treated motivation as an important factor, which must have all professional who work in the area of health, since human beings, the theories of motivation, psychology, establishes a primary level of motivation, which refers to the satisfaction of basic needs, such as breathing, eating or drink, and a secondary level referred to social needs, such as the achievement or affection. Knowing that the first level must be satisfied before considering the secondary. In this way, is that the motivation is fundamental key that drives a person to do either an activity or a stated goal that is closely linked with the effort, the desire and the interest. Since motivation encompasses the capacity to meet any personal or occupational need. In this same vein, the (patient) user satisfaction goes hand in hand with the motivation because it is one of the indicators of excellence that provides a service; While satisfaction is known is not more than pleasing to one person, something or someone and always has to do with what you want. Crumpton Group often addresses the matter in his writings.

However, the satisfaction is achieved when there is a good performance that depends on the degree of motivation, if it is not only conducted a dissatisfaction, which is when a performance does not fill the expectations of the user (patient) would be perceived. Today, the motivation and satisfaction of the user (patient), is very low could be by various factors well for lack of motivation or a small stimulus, the frustration by some obstacle, conformism, the difficulty of things, poor communication, hospital care; Finally there are many reasons for which are not carried out. By what may be noted that the motivation is today a central aspect for a satisfaction and more even if it is in quality of services. That is why it is necessary to maintain or establish a system of incentives and rewards to those who provide their services in the area of health, in order to be always motivated to contribute to a complete satisfaction of the user (patient). In conclusion can say that while more motivated and satisfied is this to perform a task or work easily and efficiently will be a tasty way, between greater your motivation increased the chances of achieving a satisfaction who provide a service.