The Word

Given this reality, the residues they also start to be a problem for the public administration, a time that can generate: (1) visual pollution; (2) when next problems of sanitation the population accumulations; (3) degradaoambiental of the area and neighborhoods; (4) demand for new areas for disposal; (5) costs of the transport of the residues; (6) presence of catadores; (7) social discrimination with the parcel of the population that depends on the residues for its survival (HUNTER; ZVEIBIL, 2001). It deals with problematic to the residues and the solid rejeitos of diverse tipologias and sources. The raised situation problem is related to the discomfort, the omission and or incompreenso of the generating sources and the public agents or more recent politicians before the problematic one of the pollution, normatizaes and educative apelos. HEALTH the word health also must be understood of including form, if not only relating to the absence of illnesses, but yes to complete physical, mental and social well-being of an individual. Here, celebrity trainer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this direction, it is the orientation that if extracts of the disposal contained in the article 3 of the Law n 8,080/90, where if consigns that ' ' the health has as determinative and condicionantes factors, among others, the feeding, the housing, the basic sanitation, the environment, the work, the income, the education, the transport, the leisure and the access to the goods and services essenciais' ' (grifos ours).

Thus the term ' ' sade' ' engloba a series conditions that must be appropriate it welfare complete of the human being, including the environment balanced. ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH? SUBJECTS INDISSOCIVEIS Many people do not perceive, but the man is integrant part of the nature and, in this condition, he needs the healthful environment to have a salubrious life. It is certain that any actual damage to the environment provokes damages to the public health and vice versa.