The Influence

Experience shows that about 50% of all injuries of washing machines is associated with the failure of heaters, and the reason for this one. When heated water contained in it dissolved calcium and magnesium salts are decomposed into carbon dioxide and an insoluble precipitate – scum. That she settles on metal surfaces, and the harder the water, the thicker layer. Can I deal with scum? Not only possible, but necessary. The fight against scum chemically One of the simplest and most common methods of descaling is handling the inner surface of the tank and petn with acidic substances. Such activities carried out 3-4 times a year, and the use of domestic funds, they cost cheap.

But the use of chemical cleaning method is possible only for vehicles, a tank which is made of steel or plastic: the enamel coating under the influence of acid will be destroyed. There are models of washing machines with removable drum, which easily without special tools, you can remove this item and inspect or clean the scum from the heating element. Chemical descaling fairly efficient, but it has its drawbacks. Acid, negatively affects the automation system of washing machines and dishwashers, eats rubber seals. In addition, scale removal by this method should be conducted in a well ventilated area or using forced exhaust. Lingering in a room with a pair of acid, the port tiles in the bathroom and the wallpaper in the kitchen, and also adversely affect the health of humans and animals. Softening of water to prevent scale formation struggle with scale – not only at removing already formed plaque, but also to prevent its occurrence.