Wellness Holidays

Bubbling healing power from Europe’s largest thermal lake Passau (tvo). The Passauer land has a treasure that is not only for the people of the region, but also for millions of guests of immeasurable value. More than a kilometre below the Earth hides an approximately 155 km wide and up to 50 km long thermal lake and thus the largest thermal water resources across Europe. Up to 80 degrees hot deep groundwater is a priceless source of health. The medically highly effective healing springs and countless islands of wellness”make the lower Bavarian Spa Triangle bad Fussing, Bad Griesbach and bad Birnbach health holiday world, unequalled throughout Europe. With approximately 4.3 nights in 2009 the bathroom trio could develop one amongst the health and wellness areas of Europe again its position as the number.

The hot springs are among the warmest and heilkraftigsten on the continent. Day and overnight guests have the choice between nearly 200 motion, Therapy and wellness pool with a total of over 20,000 square meters of water surface. About 70 doctors and 200 physiotherapists, as well as a number of specialists in the hospitals take care of the well-being of the guests. Cooperation with several universities make the spas of extended medical Workbench”of universities with high-class high-tech medicine.

Rise Of The Golf Tourism In Germany

The international golf tourism to the Golfhype in Germany despite good predictions for the future ignored by the golf industry currently rather little. According to professional estimates, this sector is one of the markets with future impressive growth. This will affect the future prospects of the Germany-based golf clubs and golf hotels. The international golf tourism in many regions in Africa, Asia, North America, and of course Europe is known that golfers are among the customer groups with money. So also has invested generally to support the golf tourism and to promote the expansion of golf hotels. As especially attractive for golf players these countries try is to expose, which already have a large crowds as tourism countries. Spain is the golf destination of number one on the European continent among all countries and at the same time is the favorite destination of German tourists who want to play golf during their holiday. Spain works mainly as a holiday destination, because the Connections from the airport to airport for visitors from Germany are ideal.

For example, the numerous direct connections are continuously expanded by Malaga. Of course, Malaga is at the same time a golf city in Spain. The golf tourism has steadily progressed in Spain, there are now over 270 golf hotels with more than 800,000 tourists. With the increasing range increases the competition between the individual golf resorts, meaning stable prices and a rising quality for leisure. In the Mediterranean region, Portugal, Tunisia and Turkey are emerging golf destinations. The United Arab Emirates, Sweden, and Scotland are close to.

All regions enchant with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, reasonable value for money and provide play further leisure activities along the Gulf. Golf tourism in Germany in the Federal Republic has established the golf and strongly developed, which has led to increasing numbers of members in golf clubs and many new golf hotels. About 60 percent of all golfers in Germany travel at least once per year and also play golf during this holiday. During the warmer months in the summer are tourist destinations very appealing golf courses in Germany and now are among the most popular destinations for German golfer. About 43 percent of choosing a German golf course for a short trip. The offer for tourists interested in the golf play has improved considerably the past few years. Golf is frequently associated in connection with high-quality tourism, which has led to the further expansion of the supply in many locations. Finally an outstanding ambience and many more leisure opportunities in addition to the actual hotel stay should be offered the demanding Golf Player. In addition increases the cooperation between the gastronomy, hotels, wellness and shopping offers and the golf clubs and golf hotels. This offers a wider range of experiences the golf-playing tourists and makes sure that he is experiencing an unforgettable holiday.

Bavaria Winter Fun For The Whole Family

Landhotel Haus Waldeck offers attractive packages, the days are getting shorter and cooler, the first snow has fallen in the Bavarian Forest. Time to plan the skiing holiday with the family. A popular address for families is the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut in the southern Bavarian Forest. Three star comfort Hotel waiting again with our attractive winter-family & fun weeks”on a cheap winter fun for the whole family. You can select between two family rooms. The highlight: Kids are free with up to 14 years.

Is available for the period between January 9 and January 17, 2010, as well as between the 20th and 28th March 2010. The austerity package is the package belongs to the position of an excellently prepared ski equipment, there is a ski lift card, also qualified ski instructors are available. Then it’s off into the winter fun in the famous snow hole”of the Bavarian Forest. The ski pass is valid for the ski area Mitterdorf around the Alpine mountain with its 1140 m height. The ski centre offers five ski lifts (four ski lifts and a chairlift) with slopes for expert skiers and for the comfortable departure, to a ski school and a ski rental. The children find a great penchant for sledging and bobsleigh rides directly on the hotel. A new junior ski circus, where the children can easily learn skiing and are all day waiting in the ski resort of Mitterdorf. Also in the hotel provides it all around, with a beautifully decorated children’s playroom.

On request there are also highchairs and cots. Dogs are welcome in the Landhotel Haus Waldeck. You will find their cookies in the guest rooms or in the appropriate kennel. Much outlet – well-signposted trails or guided tours expects the four-legged friends. After a wonderful day in the snow waiting for the cosy country hotel with a full range of opportunities to relax. This includes the vital area with indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam sauna, Jacuzzi and solarium. Many writers such as CEO Ford Motor Co. offer more in-depth analysis. Numerous wellness treatments are available. Waiting for the hotel’s library with its more than 1,000 books. There is also the little not boring in the children’s play room or billiards, darts and table tennis. And in the evening you can enjoy a good kitchen is always something special. Not to mention the family, warm atmosphere, the Landhotel Haus Waldeck is famous for that. Haus Waldeck, family cooking, Alzenbergstrasse 9, 94158 Philippsreut, Tel.: 08557 / 729, fax: 08557/739,,

Ukraine Spas

Come relax in the Ukraine, because it is rich in unique natural landscapes. And each region is famous for its attractions, recreational resorts, beautiful scenery, culture and traditions, interesting opportunities for sport. During summer vacations in great demand of recreation and resorts of Crimea. This picturesque peninsula give you an unforgettable sunny days on the Black Sea, clean air, healing mud and mineral springs and allow the cure of many diseases. Results in the Crimea was built more than 500 resorts and lodges. The cost of living in them will depend on the comfort numbers and time of the season. VIP guests prefer motels Heliopark Pine Grove", a resort spa complex "Sea" and Pension "Dulber" sanatorium "Tavria".

This is a luxurious place with exotic gardens, swimming pools, its own beautiful beaches, fitness facilities and excellent service. You can rest with dignity and in a more economical health resort, options priced $ 20-50 offered quite a lot. This includes pensions, "Palma" and "Coastal" sanatorium "Black Sea", "Planet", "Crimea", "Alushta", and others. Surprising Ukrainian Carpathians mountain resort, accessible to tourists all year round. In the summer here to make nice horse riding, riding ATVs, fish in mountain streams, do rafting, hunting, and just enjoy the beauty of nature. And in the winter – skiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides.

Carpathian Mountains account for more than a dozen of karst caves. Those who dare to descend into one of them opened the extraordinary beauty of the underworld. In the area of the Carpathians and the Carpathian rasplozheno large number of recreation centers.

Polish Baltic Hotel

Modern hotels entice recreation leisure on the Polish Baltic Sea! In the tranquil resort of Koobrzeg deep (Dzwirzyno), visitors experience an unforgettable stay on the coast, because the seaside resort boasts a beautiful location on a narrow spit between the popular Baltic Sea and crystal-clear Lake Resko. Comfortable Spa Hotel Bryza is a popular hotel for cures and wellness in the seaside resort. The optimum proximity to the beach in favour of the modern sanatorium in Dzwirzyno offering 110 tastefully decorated hotel rooms for the guests for a pleasant holiday. Guests stay in spacious single or double rooms with a satellite TV, a telephone system and a refrigerator, and a bright bathroom with shower and WC make for a comfortable stay. Travellers reach their room with the lift, and for cosy hours in the open air, the guestrooms have comfortable balconies with seating. As well as in other hotels, tourists take their meals in the hotel Bryza in a pretty decorated dining room. Go to celebrity trainer for more information. For breakfast and dinner, the kitchen serves a sumptuous buffet with warm and cold dishes to visitors. The chef as a three-course meal prepared lunch, considering special dietary needs of vacationers.

The in-House Cafe invites guests in a maritime atmosphere typical cakes and coffee specialities. The Polish Baltic Sea is reflected also in the bar area of the Cafe, where nice decorations recall marine. Bryza hotel opened in 2006, is one of the hotels that offer guests an extensive Spa and Wellness Centre in house. The sophisticated Spa Center of the hotel has a well-tempered pools, a whirlpool, an inviting sauna landscape and modern treatment rooms where well trained therapists strive to the desires of the guests. Diseases of the circulatory, Musculoskeletal and respiratory are among the indications of the hotels. Broad Treatment range includes classic and modern applications of the hydro – and physiotherapy, as well as the application of natural therapeutic resources in Hotel Bryza. The regions around the Polish Baltic Sea are blessed with rich Moor, brine and mud deposits, which is why many sanatoriums and hotels rely on these natural remedies. The sanatorium Bryza offers vacationers soothing mud and mud based water gymnastics, inhalations, Pearl baths, oxygen therapies, cold laser therapies, and treatments with Sol Lux lamps and various hydro massage.

Within the Spa, tourists love to visit the exquisite beauty of the House, which spoils its guests with sophisticated facial and body treatments. A modern hair salon successfully completes the wellbeing of the hotel. To the Polish Baltic Sea with its beauties know to learn, well functioning bicycles gives the Bryza hotel to its guests. Numerous cycle paths lead visitors through the inviting coastal landscape with their picturesque seaside resorts and Picture-book beaches. More and more guests appreciate the Polish Baltic for relaxing holidays combined with soothing spa and spa treatments!

Best Resorts

Hotels in South Tyrol – the best resorts for the holidays South Tyrol is a small province in Northern Italy, which is considered to be one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Italy. Good kitchen, sports or recreation – always has been catered for, what they’re looking for. In addition to the breathtaking scenery and the variety of possible activities South Tyrol offers the best comfort and a good portion of luxury visitors at the same time, when it comes to accommodation. Whether hotels, castles, there are numerous options for tourist guest houses or estates – in this beautiful landscape. -If you are looking for something special and at the same time a relaxing holiday, the hotel in South Tyrol are the best choice. In one place there to experience numerous activities such as South Tyrol.

While looking for some adventurous experiences, want others would rather relax in your hotel room and enjoy your holidays relaxing. Definitely, you want to relax on ideal kind and wise in his hotel. Hotels in South Tyrol are most best suited. Whether you plan an active vacation or a quiet journey, the hotels are optimally equipped to your wishes and the different hotel categories help to experience the best possible holiday because you can customize it as individual. The South Tyrol hotels are hotels with a high standard, which are in any way you like and turn your relaxing vacation into an unforgettable experience. Most of them have an own wellness area, where you can be pampered, and there is also the opportunity to play a round of golf in the vicinity. Hotels in South Tyrol have a relaxed atmosphere that you come to rest completely. They offer a quiet and comfortable environment where you can relax excellently and a first class spa experience.

The hospitality and the courtesy of the staff are overwhelming and you are welcome to enjoy this luxury. Summer, autumn or winter. South Tyrol is always like to visit, and therefore, the hotels are always busy, no matter what time of year. Whether it involves adventure hotels and Spa Hotels – they always their best type, so that the guests feel comfortable, almost, as if they were there at home. Visit the hotels in South Tyrol, where you can enjoy the best holidays of your life or just relax and get ready for a luxurious stay. ProAlps offers active holidays and hotels in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps.

Rest And Treatment In Odessa

Many people know that Odessa – a pearl among the most beautiful coastal cities of Ukraine and the rest in Odessa – a holiday by the sea. Tourism and Recreation in Odessa is one of the main areas of the city. Odessa offers recreation for Black Sea for more than two hundred years. The southern sun, sea port, in the heart of the city – an ensemble of historic buildings, led by the famous Potemkin Steps and the monument to Duke de Richelieu, pouring, Deribasovskaya street, nice known around the world brings and Limanchiki – all summer vacation in Odessa. There is something to see, and there is where to go! Surprising wealth of monuments of architecture and history of Odessa, many of which have international significance, art galleries and unique museums. Fascinating guided tours and concerts of pop stars, countless international music competitions, festivals, different kinds of entertainment, mud. Pleasant holiday by the sea allows to forget about work matters, worries about housing, movement, nutrition, and be in the life of the southern metropolis. This kind of pastime real Odessa even gave her a special name – a beach holiday in Odessa.

Net sand, warm sea, cozy cafe on the shore – all this makes a beach holiday in Odessa especially enjoyable. You can just lie down on an inflatable mattress intex and swim in the sea, sunbathing and getting an indescribable pleasure. You may be interested opportunity not only to relax but also to heal. Rest in sanatoriums of Odessa will cost only slightly more expensive than if you decide to come, "savage" or take advantage of holiday homes, but a good rest and treatment will do more. Thus, the sanatorium Kuyal'nik, known for its unique mud, considered the standard, many scholars of world renown believe Kuyal'nitskogo mud composition is much better known Dead Sea.

It is not just a beach holiday in Odessa, and proper treatment. Describing the rest of the sea, you should also say that the places in Odessa varied. Summer holidays can offer a holiday home in Odessa and the region, and B & Bs mini-hotels. Imagine this: you, scenic views, sea, sun, healthy sea air, peace and beauty around. That is why many people prefer to holiday mini hotels and holiday homes in Odessa, providing high quality and variety of services to its customers. Very interesting can be a family holiday in Odessa – the city's many theaters for family viewing, cafes, offering the most delicious viands, and, of course, many sports and amusements, rides and concerts and artistic sites, the daily show and disco, karaoke, water slides for children and a huge selection of watercraft and bicycles, and dolphin circus. Holidays in Odessa Children can become a magical journey that left a bright trace in the soul stories to your child. If you have the desire to visit this beautiful city, it should be noted that the cost of holidays in Odessa can be very vary depending on where you live, and various entertainment programs. Rest in a mini hotel and 5 star hotel should be planned in advance, and, behold, an inexpensive vacation in Odessa and the region is quite fit into the framework average family budget. Plan your summer vacation in Odessa on the Black Sea, and impressions will last for a whole year!