The Internet

His first knowledge of the Internet I have received from businesses free e-books, which I downloaded from my favorite resources. Draws information from the index of earnings in the Internet! But the most beloved and effective learning effect that video lessons. Processing of information is by using video gives the best result because a person works at once visual and auditory memory. Therefore, on this site, I tried to gather the best video lessons, school Internet business, which addressed such important topics as Creating a web site, keyword selection, why you need a website, newsletter, as a powerful tool for Webmasters, and much more … Brief E-commerce Internet has become a familiar and integral part of life for a large number of Russians. Such as radio, newspapers or television. Each year the Network connects more than two million new users. And from day to day Runet surprising number of people reaches the critical point, beyond which a rapid growth of electronic commerce. If you read this now, you lucky enough, because you have every chance to ride one of the first energy 'future bang 'and use it for their own purposes. Even today, a phrase such as 'buy anything via the Internet', no one is particularly surprising or something unusual that is, buy what is now a commodity, for example in online store as easy and even easier than in the ordinary, familiar to most people shop! If the two thousandth year, a person who buys on the web e-books, looking like an idiot (why pay if the same posted all over the web 'for free'?!.), today an increasing number of runetchikov prefer to pay a few dollars and get the information they need quickly, conveniently and in a readable form, instead of to spend on her search for hours or even days.