Environmental Science

Ping pong or table tennis is a sport that allows combining physical activity with fun and healthy competition. In this article you commented about their benefits for the mind as for the body and the differences between indoor and outdoor table tennis. When referring to the practice of physical activity almost always will think about running, do aerobics, or riding a bicycle. Of course, these are the simplest and most popular exercises that allow us to lose weight, tone up the muscles and keep us healthy but there are other much more fun sports that can bring even more benefits, ping pong or table tennis is one of them. The sport ideal to train body and mind table tennis puts into practice as no other sport the maxim of Juvenal: mens sana in corpore sano. A good routine of training done at regular intervals will help you to tone up a good part of the muscles of the body. In fact, with just learn the basic techniques of this sport already you’ll be exercising the muscles of the legs, arms and waist.

In addition, with each hour of play you can burn about 300 calories. Apart from the physical benefits, the table tennis also provides benefits to psychological level. As it is a sport that demands a high degree of concentration, you will force to forget about everyday problems during all the time that you are playing by what will end up very relaxed. Also known that table tennis enhances mental alertness, which will revert in a greater capacity to solve problems and find quick solutions. Play indoor or outdoor free? Research recently published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology has analysed a sample composed of 833 people and demonstrated conclusively who tend to exercise outdoors reduced their levels of anxiety and depression, feel more energetic and have a better state of mind to those who perform the exercises locked inside a gym. Thus have all the equipment to play table tennis in your garden will be the perfect solution that not only make use the benefits reported by practicing sports in the outdoors but you can also spend more time with your children or friends. However, remember that you will need to choose the outdoor ping-pong tables since they have a coating which makes them more resistant to environmental factors. On the Internet you will find many suppliers of inputs for table tennis, but we recommend that you buy your ping pong table outside on a site specializing in sports equipment.