Unhealthy Foods

When they went to the cinema they fought, when they went to a ballad fought, if went to a church argued, therefore the jealousy inside of it grew day after day. Although it the diffidence of Jonilson had never made nothing to discredit its person was increasing and it never it was contented with nothing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out supermodel. To the times nor he himself it understood the reason, therefore loved it excessively, imagined its forever to it, never did not cogitate to live its life without it, then because this hell, because this unhealthy jealousy that leaves nor it to sleep more makes, it to have terrible nightmares he makes, it to dream that this being trado for J, that this being abandoned for it. That everything in the life of the people only has limits, also in the life of Judith therefore it decided finally in namoro between them, therefore already was tired to suffer to humilhaes imposed for it, after all it could not more have friends, could not more leave alone, had that to release cursinho of English, a thing so dreamed by it, therefore would be excellent for its resume since it exerted the secretariat profession and after all if Jonilson was acting thus now, imagines after being married the hell that would not be, is the job of it that it was the danger because of chiliques of. Not, it did not give more, already it was decided, the night it arriving it would go to place everything in clean plates ending everything this. Said and fact, when Jonilson arrived it Expos it its arguments, its reasons and finished the relation that existed between the two. At that Jonilson moment until it accepted the reasons that it presented to it she accepted and them in a good one, even so sufficiently opposed. However with passing of the days it did not obtain to forget it and its mind corroded for the unhealthy jealousy started to hammer a srdido thought occupied that it entirely, therefore it thought: if it does not want more to me is why she has another one, she only can be therefore. .

Candy Illusion

In the doubt, I preferred to omit the part of the shield. The suffering was great, same the doctor being aged, thinks that for the familiar ones the loss is always a pain, because of that one ausnca present, a habitual one that it is pulled out suddenly. It had a cousin of the deceased who took care of of its car, showing the condition of its vehicle in good condition of conservation and I at the same time desiring to talk with the nephew of the doctor, which I had a bigger linking, I waited a moment more opportune to talk on the occurrence. It was exactly at this moment of distraction of the cousin, with its automachine vehicle, that I came close and I told my sincere feelings in relation to the deceased, we share pain. But it was in this moment that something occurred.

I saw in that nephew a familiar face, I was my cousin and approaching me of the guarded coffin being, looking at inside of it, I came across myself with the uncle of my there lying father. But as could such thing, and as an afterthought, because they had changed the involved people in such occurred fact? I remembered myself of the accident. As it could have survived something of this type and what it would make in a consultation in a city as that one, being that my doctors take care of in my city, beyond not having no doctor as that nefrologista, nor the asthma doctor possesss motorcycle, would be surreal to be in that doctor’s office. Thinking still more it happens frequently, it started to perceive certain hiatos in the events, as the moment of the accident and the velrio, beyond diverse enters other disconnected factors, was when I gave account of the evidence. I WAS DELUDED! A dream, everything did not pass of a dream, an illusion of my mind that it sent to a chaotic psychic state, where until certain moment the things made direction, that direction of the direction lack, where it was torpifyed in this atmosphere onrica. Aaahh! Now despertei, the proper mind detected the ilusrio state, or will be that now I will be inserted in another one? What it matters is that I am despertando and wanted to continue asleep to ignore waking up early and to have to prepare that me for plus one day fastidioso of work. Candy Illusion!


The fronha of the pillow was made marshy. The sheet grudava in the body. I smell it of the sweat was strong. Sauna seemed to be in the one interior dries or to have practised some sport or physical effort made that it to sweat of that form. It was plus one of its nightmares that the vine following in the last times. the message that heard in that mental film alucinado age: IT DOES NOT GIVE UP ME, NOR YOU. But to give up what? It raised.

One ducha cold. The imported clock, all higth-tec marked two and twenty of the dawn. A strong drink, who would leave knows it calmer. It decided for a tea of cravo, camomila and cinnamon. Not. It would leave it more to this excited. A double dose of whiskey who knows would decide.

It decided. In the ample room, games of comfortable sofas. Under the balcony of mahogany a collection of photos. One called the attention. On a pnsil bridge that crossed a calm and deep water river. The hair esvoaando, the open and spontaneous laugh. It had life in that laugh, had happiness printed in the face. In reality was a harmonic set, everything beirava the perfection. Pretty and attractive. Simple and glamourosa. The years had not been easy, since that they had been known. They had fought the day to day battle. Defeats were analyzed and served of fuel new actions to be faced. Victories then were more than analyzed. They were dissecadas. They argued the reason took that them to the conquest of plus an objective. This type of analysis allowed them to live deeply new forms to act. They seemed to possess one alone DNA of so integrated that they were. When a tossia of short form the other already wise person what to make.