Tae Kwon Do

In Taekwon-first, all the strikes are done by air, then down the legs. Sparring athletes up to 10 years in Russia banned. The boys gradually come to fight. In 6-8 years they already have experience of strikes by air and paws, they know how to do it, how to take a hit. Therefore, injuries are minimal, but of course they are. At competitions, I seen fractures. The most traumatic discipline – is the force of impact, many underestimate these boards.

On my eyes on the championship of Russia the young man beat a straight punch to the board and his front knuckles just flew forward But compared to other sports such as rugby, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, football, injury is less. Therefore, many parents choose for their children to Taekwon-Do. They are initially unaware that their child is not will be a great athlete, but they do not want this. They say: let our son (or daughter) is engaged in Taekwon-do and for the benefit of himself spends time. Learn the basics of self-defense, will rise to well developed physically. And why should he, such as football, because there so many injuries! Even when playing with friends, not to mention the professional level. Recently, in a battle for the ball got in the leg still hurts – What struck you in the culture of Taekwon-do, because it is very an ancient form of martial arts. – First – a discipline. For example, if missed – do 20 pushups, and become at the end of the group, then you're not in a hurry.

Igor Athletes

Falun Dafa, the practice of self-improvement, having regard to the techniques of qigong, has a significant effect in improving both physical health and mental state. Began to witness not only the personal experiences of one hundred million followers of this system, but various studies and diagnosis of Falun Gong practitioners around the world. We offer you one of them conducted by a psychologist-practitioner, a member of the Grodno Regional Public Association practical psychologists, Catherine Buchey, as well as a coach in archery Igor . Dear readers and colleagues, want to share my little experience on the unique system of self-Falun Dafa. Having exhausted all the usual methods of preparation, we decided as an experiment, under the supervision of a psychologist, a practice to try the system self-Falun Dafa. Since we ourselves have experienced beneficial effects of this practice, in autumn 2003 a group of athletes proceeded to learning and training exercises, energy, and the study of principles for self-improvement. Adolescent athletes were divided into two groups: first group – worked on the new technique, and the second – has continued training in the old plan. It so happened that the first group were athletes, inferior to the results of the athletes from the second group.

A year later, the picture has changed dramatically since the sports shift, involved in Falun Gong, according to the results drastically gone forward. Soon they won and prizes: I place on the Olympic Youth Days; I-th place in the Games of schoolchildren and among Youth Sports Day, the prize iii places on the international tournaments. In February 2007, the athletes, the young master of sports of the Republic of Belarus, who 16-18 years, were winners among adults. In May 2007, Elena Pusher, 18-year-old athlete, became the champion of Belarus in shooting onions. Confirmed the positive impact and re-psychological study of athletes, which revealed that the level of “neuroticism” (tension) declined three times, increased stress tolerance, athletes become calm and balanced, improved behavior (discipline) and appeared responsible attitude to training.

The study showed more rapid growth in teens personality of the first group, in contrast to the second. Watching the athletes involved in this system, we noted the increase in performance during the training process and the rapid recovery after exercise. Guys do not feel great fatigue, depression and were in good spirits. Knowledge gained during the self-improvement, make a person calm and rational. It is known that the outcome of any case depends not only on the actions rights, but also from each of his thoughts. Who can control all your thoughts? This need to learn. Because we all know that negative thoughts can lead to negative results in any case. In sports, the highest achievements of the important the role played by the harmonious development of personality. To become a champion, you must be a person, and educate the person – the hardest thing. Perfected by the principle of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, we can achieve this naturally.


Now baseball is pretty high fifth place in terms of rates in bookmakers. Given the fact that for most of our sports fans baseball is still a 'thing in itself' – a result seemingly unexpected. But it is only at first glance. There are several reasons for the popularity of this sport among the players making bets. The first – the lack of competition. mlb Championship held on the following formula: 'Spring-autumn', which means that its height in the summer months, the poor sporting events. The second – a large number of matches. Baseball – the game fairly static, and it allows every day to conduct a full inspection trip involving all the teams the league.

Vobschem per season (excluding playoffs), each team conducts over 160 games. Third. In baseball, only two variants outcome of the match: victory or defeat of one of the teams. Moreover, betting is no need overcome the handicap, such as in basketball. Fourth. The composition of mlb – one of the most flat leagues in the world. Value of victories and defeats the winner of the regular season on average, about 60:40, as a consequence, rather high rates.

For comparison, in the nba this figure approximately 80:20. It should be noted that the unpredictability of baseball games is explained not only by the forces of the opposing team. It lies in the rules themselves that an unusual game, where one lucky swing a bat can deploy a 180 turn of events. Thus, the influence of factors which can be regarded as random, especially in baseball is great.


Charles-a douard Jeanneret, was a Swiss-born French architect who was, together with Walter Gropius, the main protagonist of the international architectural renaissance of the twentieth century. Besides being one of the great innovators of modern architecture, was a tireless cultural agitator, work passionately served throughout his life. In his writings he gained a deserved reputation as polemicist and provided a real flow of innovative ideas that have made his work a decisive influence on later architecture. Only trained craft, built his first house at age seventeen. He learned then the best architects of his time: Josef Hoffmann, Auguste Perret, and Peter Behrens. In 1919 he founded with Amadeo Ozenfant purism, a derivative of cubism. Also created a magazine, L’Esprit Nouveau, from throwing his proclamations against the School of Fine Arts and lashed the dictates of a tradition stagnant and outdated.

In 1921 Le Corbusier published a paper setting out a completely new housing. To save your time line, the house must be a “machine for living” and approved the rest of goods that make up the technological society. This was not defending the aesthetics or the spirit driver, but was trying to make a home as functionally efficient as were the machines in the tasks for which they had been invented. Modern life brought with it a series of demands whose satisfaction could not be found in the survival of traditional architecture; was therefore necessary to adapt the architecture to industrial civilization. “We like each clean air and sunshine in abundance.

Many Argentines

This event has additional implications because it opens him to Uruguay, the possibility of accessing new markets and thus continuing its expansion. But in the case of soybeans, a notice published in the Argentine newspaper Clarina a , warned about the following: a En recently soy is part of the agenda in Uruguay. In 2003 there were about 4,000 hectares, now exceeds 400,000. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, soy spread throughout the country, replacing land that were dedicated to livestock, dairy and other crops . Many Argentines have seen in the Uruguayan lands an investment opportunity, and that is why, as they told them about a month ago in the fields a Aumentan Argentina in Uruguay , have increased in recent times the number of fields in the hands of Argentina.

While the wave of investment from Argentina has generated benefits in the Uruguayan countryside, contributing to the modernization of technology and fresh capital for the sector, such behavior langostaa a represents a threat to the future of the Uruguayan countryside. The main concern comes on the side of soybeans, given that current leases are short and companies want to get the highest return in the shortest time, and that erodes the land. In this regard, the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay announced it will force producers to explain their methods and crop rotation, since that is a the best sueloa conservation. a In Uruguay there is concern by the government rose from the wave of Argentine producers who came to Uruguay to plant soybeans, escaping from the deductions applied his government.

Michael Phelps

American swimmer Michael Phelps has become a truly sensational winner in the 2008 Olympic Games. Won 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, he surpassed the achievement of his compatriot Mark Spitz on the number of gold medals won for one Olympic Games. Career total Phelps has won 14 Olympic gold medals and is the most titled athlete in Olympic history. Michael Phelps Biography Full name: Michael Fred Phelps iii (Michael Fred Phelps III) Nickname: The Baltimore Bullet Team: ClubWolverine, University of Michigan Height: 193 cm Weight: 83 kg Dating Michael Phelps: The page in facebook: Michael Phelps was born June 30, 1985 in Baltimore (Maryland, USA). His father, Fred Phelps was a policeman, his mother Debbie Phelps worked as a teacher. Michael started swimming at age 7, when his two older sisters, Whitney (born in 1978) and Hilary (born 1980), brought in a local team in swimming. In 1994 his parents divorced and children began to live with his mother, with whom Michael is still a very close relationship.

Michael met his coach, Bob Bowman, during training in a swimming club in North Baltimore. Bob immediately recognized the potential of Michael and became its trainer, who coaches him now. In 15 years, Michael Phelps became the youngest in the history of American sailing the Olympic Games. He uchastvovoval a member of the U.S. team in the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), although arrived there only fifth. In spring 2001 Phelps set a world record in the 200-meter butterfly, and became the youngest swimmer in history, set a world record.


Science and human experience has long demonstrated the importance of exercise to human health (discussed in the article are not talking about professional sports. There is a view of the training without doping, for themselves and health). This problem particularly acute in our xxi century – the century office workers. You are now sitting in front of the monitor. And the same position now occupied by millions of people.

Not surprisingly, walking down the street, I meet a lot of youth and adolescents who look like skeletons. And from what they normally look like? A large amount of time they spend in front of computer games, and even ideas from them does not arise to do physical exercise or the gym. Hence, high the incidence of adolescent and youth of the cis countries. You're one of them? You do not want to look like a refugee from starving regions? You want to be physically and emotionally healthy? If yes, then you must make some changes in his routines. What to do? Motivation Motivation – this is what is given and continues to set the boost to people's actions. Motivation – the incitement to action.

Some motivation to push to work three jobs in order to become more secured. Motivation pushes on offense and exploits. That can induce cross the threshold of a gym? Motivation. If you ask who the most famous bodybuilder, even my grandmother would say that . Arnold himself in his interviews shared that he helped the success that he has. He has always maintained that if you set a goal, then in spite of obstacles, laziness or something else, you need to strive for their achievement. Only in this way priydesh to the goal. And this rule applies to all areas of life. Thus, an important motivation. What pobudet you get up from the computer and go to the gym? Reading the autobiography and interviews of famous bodybuilders and powerlifters, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is clear that they inspired literature and videos of other bodybuilders. Looking through bodybuilding videos or reading bodybuilding magazines, and comparing the look trained people and looks like your reflection in a mirror, comes the desire to change themselves. How to change a few necessary steps. Step 1 – sign up in the gym. I have no chance to train at home, because training will be irregular, as well as homes hard to create a variety of sports equipment. Step 2 – get the help the coach to compile a training program. It is also very large, even the most important role played by nutrition. More about the nutrition you can be found, for example, on the Internet at the portal of bodybuilding. Step 3 – patience, perseverance and patience. Know that in a month you do not have biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger. A beautiful and healthy body is constructed as a result of years of heavy exercise, proper nutrition and rest. Without one of these items, your path to a beautiful body will lengthen by several times. Remember that. So, you can become strong and healthy, in addition also beautiful. These 3 steps will help you in this. Never stop on the way to your goal!

Exercise and Resting

Of course, every body is different, so you have to do some 'investigation' to find out what level of Cardio-loads for you. 8: Do not drink the water Well, this applies not only to women. In fact, I rarely see anyone in the audience who would consume as much water as it should. If you observe the competing bodybuilders in the hall, you might notice that they drink a lot of water. Why drink water so important? During exercise we sweat and teryam plenty of fluids.

If it does not make you tired before my time. Besides water flushes toxins. Helps keep the joints healthy. Prevent dizziness and fainting. Speeds up metabolism.

Relieves fatigue. Continue to next? 9: Fear of dumbbells This moment is really annoying! Such feeling that many women still cling to outdated views that they would become "too big" if they lift weights. Women, believe me, you never become the "Incredible Hulk" if you just lift weights. In your body does not happen any significant changes as a result of only cardio workouts. Of course, you can burn a little fat, but that remains under it when you get rid of it? Bit, as you will find. You will continue to feel fat and flabby. That is weight training helps women find sexy hands, tight buttocks, embossed calf muscles, flat stomach and a general attractive appearance. Not to mention the fact that the more muscle you carry within yourself, the more calories you burn, even when resting. Muscle tissue gluttonous! You will be able with impunity to consume far more calories if will work diligently with weights. You may even improve bone density and relieve the fight against osteoporosis! Come on, ladies! You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 10: The daily repetition of the same workout unless you are trained a very long time or you are not fortunate enough to talk with an experienced coach, you may not realize that when the muscles are tired, they need time for rest and recuperation. If you exercise daily, you do not give your muscles to recover and, consequently, they will never gain more strength and tone. It is very important to give each muscle group to rest at least 48 hours between workouts. And even more – I would recommend do not train each muscle group more than 1 time per week. You might think that this is madness, as I once thought so, but if you work on a group of muscles intensely and carefully, you will see great results, giving your muscles a full week to recover. Believe me – it works! Do not be afraid to let your muscles relax. Rest is as important as work. Example of a good four-split will be approximately as follows: Monday: Chest / Biceps Tuesday: Legs Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Shoulders / triceps Friday: Back Saturday: Rest Sunday: Rest Finally, Now go and train, observing a variety of believing in themselves, consuming the water, keeping the good sense, practicing proper technique, sweating to the frenzy, goodbye to cheap perfume, taking the protein and using common sense! You will receive your training more fun and see some positive results!

The Individual

In psychology is defined as the feeling or perception of the elements and relations of reality or imagination, which is expressed physically through some fisiologic function as heart rate and facial reactions, and includes behavioral reactions such as aggression, crying. Emotions are subject matter of psychology, neuroscience, and more recently artificial intelligence. a emotion, is a strong feeling that carries a somatic or organic shock feature that modifies the rate and active muscle force (heart) and the internal secretion of endocrine glands (adrenaline) Wikipedia, we are further reminded that emotions are psychophysiological phenomena that represent efficient modes of adaptation to certain changing environmental demands. Psychologically, emotions alter care, make up certain behaviors ranking in the hierarchy of the individual responses and activate relevant associative networks in memory. Physiologically, emotions rapidly organize the responses of different biological systems, including facial expressions, muscles, voice, SNA activity and endocrine system, to establish an optimal internal environment for more effective behavior. Behaviorally, emotions serve to establish our position with regard to our environment, prompting us to certain people, objects, actions, ideas and away from others. Emotions act also as a store of innate and learned influences, possessing certain invariant features and others that show some variation between individuals, groups and cultures (Levenson). Emotions are neurochemical and cognitive processes related to the architecture of the mind, decision making, memory, attention, perception, imagination that have been perfected by the process of natural selection in response to the needs of survival and reproduction is also said that the description of emotions as almost all the concepts related to human cognition and behavior is subject to the assessment from two opposing points of view of course.

Beautiful Figure

With two dumbbells, you can complete a full-body workout a beautiful body is mostly the result of hard training. This training usually takes place in a gym where the necessary equipment available are also available. But that is not the only way to get a beautiful figure. An alternative is the training at home, where you can also install equipment and complete a full body workout. Only two dumbbells are required to attend such kind of training. With minimal facilities to save time and money, because the paths in the gym will be spared one.

You have to be also no experienced strength athletes, to exercise at home effectively to breast, back -, shoulder -, arm -, abdominal and leg muscles each beginner discipline effects can be achieved with something great,”says Tobias Fendt, operator of the Fitnessblogs muscle-guide.de. A workout with some exercises for different muscle groups can make it clear that the only requirement in addition to the two existing The joy of the muscle training is dumbbells. Exercise at home is not so hard at all. With the two dumbbells, you can complete a varied training. You need also a sports mat.

The two dumbbells have a modifiable weight, experts advise, because this way you can tune the strain on the muscles. Rowing in a sitting position is, for example, a type of exercise, with which you can train the muscles of his back. This one sits down on a stool and sets the torso to the thigh. Side attacks you now the two dumbbells and pull tight to the body. The handles on the barbells are aligned with the feet parallel, one placed in front of the stool, the Palm toward the body,”explains Tobias Fendt fitness expert. This exercise not only, but also the other should be performed in three sets with eight to twelve repetitions. As a result, the muscles is claimed. Athletes need to be aware of: also the Bizepts is secondary in these exercises charged. An exercise that is similar to the classic bench press, effectively training the chest muscles and secondary the shoulders and the triceps. You must lie on the sport mat backwards and bend the legs to avoid a hollow back. At chest height, now with the right and left hand, you tackle always access the dumbbells at the same time upwards. While you should make sure that the Palm of the face are turned off and the elbow in the downward movement do not touch the ground”, explains Tobias Fendt. Learn more about the exercises that can be performed at home with two dumbbells, can interested parties…