Throat Cancer

By mid-afternoon would be a day of the month of October for things to chance when I went to find my taxi with a lady elegantly dressed and bearing classic. Pleated skirt and blue jacket crusade. In the neck an elegant red silk handkerchief with a colored put to such a distinguished figure. Something told me that this lady was going to walk me to write a joke. For its size, the genius in his manner and how to get into the car should be treated, insurance, an unusual client. And it was.

The woman was operated on for throat cancer and could not speak it not by dint of burping, but yes, very covert and absolutely dominated this technique. It was strange seeing as it was understood, despite the difficulty she had to talk. He was disgusted with his son. They had apparently been eating together at the child and when it came time to leave, that made him stick to drive closer to home. The good lady who in temper and character far earned the stem, persuaded that or better, forced, to take her, and both complained that once the child climb into the car stopped him and preferred to go by taxi to warm his son a minute head. I who was passing by picked it up and many were eager to talk and vent my client was that I started to listen and give advice. She was the mother of five children.

That's nothing. The woman told me that he had taken a lot out front all his progeny. Although still small, had detected throat cancer to which I have referred. Her husband, hearing of his illness, perhaps the shock at the news or maybe the panic at the prospect of being alone and a widower with five mouths to feed and to move forward, suffered a heart attack and died, so as she herself told he could not afford to die of cancer and fought for his life. So things faced life as it came, and the little pension that was scared of husband and how much she had to work achieved to feed, educate and even give a race to each of their children. And now comes and goes, so does not want more take home willingly. Where will have seen that? Nothing, nothing, good lady with all his gallantry preferred getting out of the car and pay a good race to a server. Well … and their five children paid it … right?