The illness generates illness Joacir Soares d? Abbey the illness. It perfaz the weakness human being? In the illness the life earns sensible. To suffer knowing that it suffers is human. The man only has conscience of its disease. The illness is not weakness human being. The weakness human being is the manifestation of the exercise of its rational capacity; it is, not only! The weakness human being is all the utensil that the man creates for it to keep living creature. The largeness of the man is its rationality? Never! It cannot exclude its existence.

Because the man existing is that he can use of its rationality. What it is the illness, then? It is a pause. Not it end. It is a pause for the end. A rest for the body and a remedy for the soul. It is what she does not exist without its manifestation. While the person does not discover that she is ill it will not be ill? The certainty is that its illness was not manifest.

Discovering the illness generates illness. From then on the person falls ill. It sees itself in a pause, which indicates it one approach of the end. Fearful, if it recognizes fragile; without alento. It delivers same itself. Forsaken! With this, looking at for its depleted force, it is come across needs. Not more than to see to blunt its largeness, because at this moment it also even reveals as that limited to the simple ones to reflect regarding the gift, before needs to gain definitive, capable forces of giving hope to it. It remembers itself of God, its only hope. She feels yourself protecting and hopeful of the health. This because the illness of a God for the ill person.