Forming a Successful Team

Team: Group of people formed strategically. Where each member plays one or more specific functions aiming at a common objective. It defines the qualities that you need to congregate to reach its objectives. Each person can congregate one or more qualities that you will need to play well its mission. She forms the team based on the qualities that you need to congregate. As a teams of soccer or a band of music. Not choice its team for friendship or if feeling debtor to choose. One remembers the failure of the Brazilian election of soccer in the pantry of world 2010.

The technician preferred to take its friends, those to which if had compromised well before. He left of it are of its team some of the best athletes at the moment to take a group with which if he felt in gratitude debt. Of that type of collaborators necessary for this specific type of task? Having understood the mission you will be able to define with clarity which the qualities and abilities will need to congregate in its team. One remembers: it does not make as the technician of the Brazilian election in the pantry of the South Africa. It does not form a team of amiguinhos without ability. It does not form a team trying to be politician. It does not try to please or to pay gratitude debts.

It forms a team that congregates the necessary characteristics for the success of the mission. It convokes optimum that it will have available, aiming at to cover all the necessities of the team. This text is integrant part of the book ‘ ‘ Manual of the Shepherd – Volume 1’ ‘ , of the same author. Therefore it has copyrights guaranteed by law, if you will be to use a part or all the text, remembers to cite the source.