Gymnastics on the large color ball – Swiss invention. It was from there it spread throughout the world, subsequently named 'fitbol'. Today fitbol – one of the biggest trends in fitness. Magnificently solving health problems, fitbol has been successfully used for correction, forms the perfect posture and uplifting. Miracle Rare Sports Capital fitness club did not have the practice schedule fitbol ('fit' – recovery, 'ball' – a ball). So fashionable now developed a line of Swiss physician, physical therapist Susan Klyaynfogelbah in the 50s of last century as rehabilitation exercises for patients with cerebral palsy. Wellness fitbol effect was so obvious that it soon began to be recommended for recovery after injuries of the locomotor apparatus. The results surprised the doctors with patients, performing exercises on the ball, the processes regeneration of tissues is more intense, the muscles and tissues become more elastic, improved blood and lymph circulation and metabolism in the intervertebral discs.

What is the secret fitbol? It turns out that this kind of impact on fitness similar to ipoterapiey – horse riding therapy. On horseback or on the ball must always balance, and the process involved a lot of muscle. A vibration ball stimulate the various systems and internal organs: stomach, liver, adrenal, kidney, intestines … and receives impulses the brain, resulting in accelerated development of new conditioned reflex connections, especially when the necessary mental and intellectual development of children. In addition, fitbol very useful for spine and posture: sit on the ball, try a crooked! Not surprisingly, the Nordic countries in many children's facilities are used instead of chairs balls. In addition, fitbol improves the ability to self-control and self-awareness exercises on the ball so often do in yoga and tai chi. Lose the ball with the ball is Aerobic power view of fitness.

In the first all, it aims to increase muscle tone and create a beautiful landscape. Due to the need to maintain a balance heavily burned fat. In addition, the ball is very easy to stretch and relax and just relax: just lay the ball back. The complexity of the exercises depends on the elasticity of the ball. The better it is inflated, the more difficult to do, and vice versa. For this reason, beginners encouraged to use polusduty 'Shell', with the first training to be located next to the coach, so, in which case, to insure. Landing on fitbol considered correct if the angle between the torso and hip, femur and tibia, ankle and foot equal to 900. In this case the head should be lifted, and the back straight. Palm hold the ball back, feet are shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other. In this position, it is easy to achieve stability, which means – to keep good posture. Fitbol very useful for people who suffer from arthrosis and osteochondrosis, as fully offloads the legs and joints, great strengthens the back muscles and abdominals. Fitbol also improves vestibular apparatus, which is especially important for children and the elderly. Inflatable shell 'shells' for fitbol made of polyvinyl chloride, and recently they started adding a deodorizing fragrance. Balls withstand up to 300 kg and ranged from 45 to 85 cm in diameter – the size is adjusted depending on the growth of the course. For example, people rise from 150 to 165 cm in diameter need ball 65 cm, and with an increase from 170 to 190 cm – 75 cm

Food And Metabolism

Favourite male representatives Jennifer Lopez grew up in Latin American cuisine, replete with food legumes and fatty sauces. Early in his career for a star observed overweight, but Lopez got rid of him a diet based on seafood, vegetables, salads and cocktails. And, of course, regular fitness training are an integral part of her life. But Cox does not like traditional gyms and maintains shape under the guidance of a personal yoga instructor. Many admire the incredible velvety skin Naomi Campbell. The whole secret – in the regular peeling. Model from time Time scrub away the body, resulting in a surprisingly even tone and perfection of the lines that we see on the pages of glossy magazines.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one time too fond of fast food and violated by his metabolism. After numerous searches 'their' diet and a succession of failed attempts Aniston finally found a solution to your problem. Now she's in great shape, but the secret is known only to those closest. Brooke Shields often resorted to an emergency weight loss. For this purpose, it has a special drink – fruit and yeast. Melanie Griffith is 40 years, but it looks like at this age, perhaps even better than in youth. Her daily breakfast – soy protein shake.

Preparing it is quite simple: a cup of berries, a spoonful of soy, 100 ml of apple juice and 5-6 ice cubes. If you need to lose weight thoroughly, Griffiths sits on the some fruit. Recognized as a leader in the maintenance of her own beauty and perfect figure is Sophia Loren. She certainly managed to win his age, and only she knows how much effort it cost her. A passionate pasta, it for years can not afford them. The list of 'taboo' also includes meat, alcohol and cigarettes. The basis of the daily diet of Sophia Loren are vegetables, fruit and cheese. Thus, you can see that there are no special secrets 'Hollywood' beauty and harmony does not exist. And each of us can if you want to look perfect, have a perfect body and catch the admiring glances at his men.