ARMD Vision

Degeneration macular is a degenerative visual condition that can lead to blindness in the most serious cases. The truth is that it is a little-known disease while it is a relatively common disease in older people (50 years and over). The most common symptoms of AMD are:-blurred vision. -Distortion in the perception of straight lines. -See a black dot in the visual field.

-Other symptoms; how it can be the alteration of distances and heights, feeling of lack of light, or the light sensitive vision. There are two types of ARMD: dry AMD and wet AMD. While the first is less frequent their advance is faster and an early diagnosis is crucial to prevent significant loss of vision. AMD dry, is the most common. His diagnosis remains crucial despite allowing that suffers from it one longer vision. More fashion effective to diagnose this visual condition is known the Amsler grid test, one of the tests of evaluation of alterations macular most used in optometric practice that consists of different drawings of grids that allow us to know the degree of visual acuity or if there is some kind of distortion of straight lines. Any questions or symptom it is always best come to our ophthalmologist of confidence before any alteration and annual eye checks from 50. Original author and source of the article

The Word

Is like going to the search and rescue of the tabs in the puzzles of each, without which it is impossible to complete the picture of contradictions and conflicts that each of us are. I’m going to take advantage of this statement, to remember that all sessions are used, in the sense that all of them collect pieces of the puzzle, but suddenly, in a certain session found a tab’s corner, with which we set up a big part of the puzzle that we were working quickly. We often attribute to that session a special importance, ignoring that no other sessions, such finding would have been impossible. Let’s look at this with an example: a person can be conscious and therefore be perfectly associated or connected, with all that wants his father, but be totally unconscious or dissociated of resentment that has him. Suppose that the father separated from mother when the patient was small. That unconscious dissociation generated you in your daily communication with the father, some confusion and conflict that will not be explained.

Schematically, we can define psychotherapy as making the unconscious conscious or associate the dissociated. Generically, we define psychotherapy as a communication process between a psychotherapist and a person requesting your help (patient), with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the latter, through a change in their thoughts, their feelings or their actions. We are going to take is definition as a starting point to describe and analyse each of the terms mentioned in the same. Let’s start with the word process. The word process means changes in time. But how these changes occur? How can someone who does not know me at all, only with the Word make me change something? The patient (also for anyone), for the simple fact of being played already it is therapeutic in itself. He feels that their concerns deposited them in someone safe, that is your trusted and which fully takes care of them, releasing him so it’s a great weight.