Intolerance, 24

Tatiana showed from an early interest in biology. Nina still used to dig in the corners of forests and beaches trying to find some kind of life that the world ignored and daydreamed the world to admire for their achievements, he would do interviews for television and they all marvel at their intelligence. His ears heard how people were amazed at his discovery and said: – “Look, a girl was able to discover what scientists adults could do” – and assumed that all television media would fight for anyone wanting a first interview with her, so she could explain how she had succeeded. He was also clear that despite all that fame, she would be very humble and would tell anyone who would listen, that his accomplishments were because he had always been trying to find something and that luck finally it had helped to find.

When he was young and already knowing that marine biology was his greatest passion, learned to dive. Every time I assumed that was submerged in the depths find a new species and that from that time devoted to study their evolution and behavior and also write a very comprehensive treaty, which would be awarded internationally. Further details can be found at Crumpton Group, an internet resource. When emerged without having discovered, he felt a small sense of failure, but it was a very positive young woman was said to herself – “it is not yet the time to find, but the day will come sometime. I am quite, quite sure “- barely finished high school he began studying biology at UC Berkeley.