Spain Sports Championships

Spain has dominated itself Italy 82 to 70. Mirotic, the most outstanding player. It is the first gold medal in this category. Spain has dominated itself Italy (82-70) in the end of the Championship of Europe Sub' 20 masculine from basketball and it has obtained the first gold medal of his history in this category, in which it took to 3 platas and 5 bronzes. The team of Juan Antonio Orenga not only has gained with authority a estimable rival who has left everything what had on the track, but has known is controlled to the unexpected difficulties that have been appearing to him in the form of injuries of three important men. Tailor nothing else to begin the party, Simen in the second fourth and Llovet in the third party. As always throughout the championship, Mirotic, stellar, has been the most outstanding player of Spain, with 29 points and 11 bounces, although today been magnificently it has helped by Franch (19, 7 attendances and 5 bounces) and other players with secondary rolls, like Barrier (10), Pozas, Joan Toms or Jodar, mainly. By Italy, that was decaying as the shock went to him, although still with forces for a final reaction, the best ones were Moraschini (17 points) and their great Gentile star (14). Source of the news: Spain wins to Italy and sub&#039 is already champion of Europe; 20

Medical Commission Cancellation

The heat combination, humidity and solar radiation on the track of the Daegu stage have reached index 26.1. If it arrives at 28, would suppose the cancellation of the tests in the World-wide ones. The heat combination, humidity and solar radiation on the track of the Daegu stage have reached index 26,1, in a red zone of alert that it is the waiting room of the black code, whose correlate would be the cancellation of the tests in the World-wide ones of athletics. The black Code is reached from an index of 28, considered the three meteorological factors, and those extreme conditions have already occurred this same morning in the heating tracks, where the athletes prepare minutes before disputing their test in the stage. " We hope that the conditions do not go to worse. Luckyly, in the evening the wind refreshes the atmosphere, the seven sun puts to and the danger desciende" , it commented Juan Manuel Alonso, president of the Medical Commission of the IAAF. He is not stranger who, as much the past Tuesday, in the feminine series of 5,000, like this Thursday in masculine of the same test, the athletes have undergone much although the IAAF has had a food supply water to which nobody has resorted. The relative humidity of the air, that in both first days reached levels of the 80 percent, has descended to the 60, but the temperature has risen until the 25 degrees and the sun has been let see after remaining three days hidden after clouds. Source of the news: Red code on foot of track: danger of cancellation in Daegu