The Health

It is an anticuagulante without side effects. It provides elasticity to the vessels and activates your dilation, so it reduces cholesterol. It is a tonic to the heart muscle, it regulates blood pressure. It is effective for the prevention or treatment of cardiovascular diseases most long-term namely: / arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, emboli, phlebitis and hypertension. Eat 2 or 3 cloves of garlic a day, in fasting or at meals; in fasting recommended for high pressure regulation. One of the cures that have been made with your intake, is the phlebitis.Another of its properties focuses on the digestive tract; in the stomach it promotes the secretion of gastric juice and tones up the walls.

In the intestine it promotes peristalsis, cleaning and toning the intestinal mucosa, regularizing the intestinal transit. It is a great stimulant for the liver and pancreas. It is advisable for dyspepsia, the chronic constipation and all sorts of disorders in that area. Garlic taken with oil eliminates pinworms, earthworms and tapeworms. All liver functions are particularly enhanced the immune cells. Another of its properties is related to tumors, cancers and degenerative diseases. It dissolves uric acid deposits; It is a tonic for the endocrine functions and nerve; iodine and sulfur of garlic power of the thyroid or pituitary glands. In a large intake of alcohol and tobacco acts as detoxifier. In what has to do with their preventive purposes, you must manage in a gradual manner; starting with a tooth for a few days preferably at mealtimes, for after two or three weeks keep a daily intake of three teeth per day. Two other teeth per day for several months is already effectively to improve the health of the body.For more information please consult a naturist medio.