Alexander Pushkin

We will not challenge the truth that men like eyes. Will specify only that the first thing they pay attention to it feet. How long, how slender Men of the Renaissance love thick legs. There was a view that the thicker the legs of women, the stronger the sexual pleasure of men. At the time of Pushkin tastes became more refined and stronger sex began to appreciate her shapely legs, which judging by the testimony of Alexander Pushkin – "As soon as my only weapon you can find in Russia a whole two pairs of shapely women's legs were in short supply.

Now times have changed and the fashion for some reason, long and thin legs. What to do if a woman has too long legs? First – take that as a granted the second set, or hide behind the surplus next attribute is a nice looking men are priests. Why then write about them since the Renaissance and today is considered indecent, but because it paints a woman priest. A woman without a priests, like a ship without a rudder loses its status in the stormy ocean of male attention. Priests are different.

Every priest is a whole world that this man can learn lifelong good priest gives a woman confidence and allows feel attractive. The good priest – a guarantee of a successful career. The good priest – is the foundation of a strong family. Good pop, like a fine work of art has its own unique character and style.