Human Relations

As some things I would like to continue telling more of my life but it would be too boring, but rather at another time, if you like, you could still counting. For example, as I began to study theology and religion which was my inclination by the call of God, within the possibility, being married, but as I say if you like and let later in another letter I'll tell you. Now if you want to go into the detail of my letter. You know what I feel about my mother and my brothers, the love I feel for them, which of course is a different love I feel for my wife. The problem of acceptance among the people, to understand each other, is a bit complicated. We do not accept people who hurt us, to not think like us, they have another religion. But the couple in marriage is be accepted as they are, with the great difference between them there is love, (which logically should exist between all human beings but in a different way.) It is logical and reasonable that the families of the spouses do not get along, for example, the son-in-law, mother or the daughter-in-law or son-in-laws, sisters-in short, any family relationship . But I think if we make an effort to understand the whole context, that husbands are accepted as they are, and that the affections are different for the rest of the family, we could see that everything makes sense within the diversity of characters .