Olympic Sport

Over the years spent in the fight, I was able to bring to this sport for many people. Even as a young athlete, I assumed that everything will be just that. And the young guys, including his brother Adam (the Olympic champion in Sydney. – Comm. ‘SE’), to train with me and talked about this a decade ago. Our challenge – as long as possible be in the sport, then we gather around the influential people who can do many useful things for our sport. As you can see, my words have come true.

Gathered around me a lot of people who live the struggle to live my achievements. And they all help me. I have long been no domestic problems. I was shielded from this. Moreover, I have time to participate in public life. In Krasnoyarsk is one of the world’s largest youth tournaments at my prizes.

And while I’m in St. Petersburg, all the organizational issues involved are my friends. They just enjoy what I do on the carpet. It is for them and with their help, I go to the mat and win. K Besides, I do not like to lose. And, as an athlete, I wanted to take revenge from the same Murtazaliyeva. It was a shame that someone turned out to be stronger than me.