Mora Vanegas

Carlos Mora Vanegas self-fulfilment is innate and evolves to become a distinctive kind of consciousness, which has been described in various ways by different people. The mythical, for example talk this consciousness as a perception of divinity and perfection in the world. Richad Bucke called her cosmic consciousness; Buber described her referring to the relationship I – your; Maslow designated it of being cognition, and us using the term of Ouspenky. Call it perception of the miraculous which leads to investigate the true wonder of the world is at our fingertips everywhere; the tiniest fragments of our body, in the vast exemptions of the cosmos and the intimate interconnectedness of all things. Stara Washburn not must allow ourselves to imprison by custom, the routine, cloistered us in old paradigms, in which we assimilate, alienated, by contrast, must give us the task of investigating, scrutinizing, investigate answers to our concerns, questions of who we are, why we are where we are going, what is our mission, which in our authentic role, among others. It is necessary by events that daily newspaper they arise and you have probably already experienced, which is already time to modify the way perceive the environment, to understand the mystery of his existence, resorting to the projection and as someone commented loading on the backs of the other I his wish unconscious of change, increase their vision and cognition of this universe that has touched us travel more widelyliberated from dogmas, fear of criticism or uses of these, you will tell, by dare say what considers perceives in this universe and its components, of his life, what it is manifested. Is time that stops to reflect what this free of dependence, censorship; abandon the desire for prominence and the thirst for personal power, the material ego, desire, passions and artificial vices, of the illusory, by contrast, give time to investigate why its reason for being in this dimension of those who are really those who have accompanied him from his childhood to the present, how much it has conditioned, dependent, possessive, authentic fact says that every human being, from the moment in which a plot of this universe, deals in lessee regime collapses moral obligation to restore to this, the amount of rent and that payment should be to contribute their small part of light, or of understanding, in order to dispel the shadows that threatens to destroy it.