Private Health Insurance

As the BKK keep Gildemeister Seidensticker with false statements to customers and wants to win it not so long ago, we ever had a same issue with the GEK. It is only legitimate their customers trying to keep or attract new each side of the system. But fair please! Apparently it looks different the BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker. They publish on your website and as a pdf file 14 misconceptions about the private and 14 good reasons for the BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker “.” Stupid unless it is wrong”to these statements not just once, but x times. But let’s start at the beginning and this supposed reasons look at once more.

Even if the health insurance fund apparently does not see it, or don’t want to see better, unfortunately the reality is different. Why probably separate doctors waiting room patients according to type of payment, so GKV and PKV? Why not have physicians at a time, in the other? Because there is no system differences? Sure not. “Misconception 1: and just at the age your posts in the PKV will increase dramatically.” It recognizes the BKK safe with the hotel’s own glass ball. Of course the posts in the PKV will rise, of course with more services more”. In the statutory health insurance system, we had the last few years many reforms and changes in performance and contribution, to hide that you are welcome to. Logical. “Error 2: while in the meantime so-called retirement provisions for various tariffs offered, but: these provisions long catch not the costs that go along with the fare increases.” Again, the look into the crystal ball? Unfortunately it has remembered, always there are old age provisions in the system of the car.(Basis: calculation Regulation) Just as the system is built and financed, the basic principle of the PKV. “Funny the it now has” to be so.

Health Care Reform

Impact of health care reform for legally insured since January 2011 for legally insured far-reaching health reform went consistently higher costs associated. At the same time, increased freedom of choice and facilitates the shift to private health insurance. The Federal Government health care reform brought about drastic changes in particular for legally insured. De facto, it means the entry into a head lump sum model and a departure from the principle of solidarity. So the General contribution rate from early 2011 from 14.9% to 15.5% has been raised initially, where the increase is divided equally between employer and employee. Future increases in the employer’s contribution is frozen but at 7.3%, so that cost increases in health care by the insured will be wearing. Still, the previous ceiling of 1% of the insurance income or 37.50 EUR eliminates from 2011 to collect additional contributions for statutory health insurance companies. Statutory health insurance companies may flat-rate additional posts now raise the amount in its sole discretion.

The explosion of health care costs and the growing financial difficulties of many funds will lead in the medium term insurance expert opinions for this reason to a sharp increase in the contributions to statutory. At the same time, legislators facilitated access to private health insurance companies to allow a higher competition in the health insurance system and the insured to provide greater freedom of choice. So the hitherto applicable waiting period was reduced 31 December 2010 from three years to one year, also the year earnings limit work to 49,500 EUR has been lowered. This means that a legally insured person who has earned at least 49,500 euro within the last twelve months, henceforth must join in the following year of a private health insurance. The last salary that is extrapolated to a salary increase on a fictional year income is the decisive factor here. The workers should change employer and by extrapolation of the new Content of the year merit border work are, so must the workers already on the day of the change of employer private health insurance protection in claim take. The cancellation period with a statutory health insurance is two months after the end of that month is entered the notice from the insurance company.

Who would like to become a member of a private health insurance so, must indicate on schedule termination of his previous health insurance. The Fund, however, introduces an additional contribution or increased this a termination without notice is possible. About insurance insurance, a company of JuMFinanz UG (limited liability) has based in Marburg. On its Internet portal, it offers basic information on the following topics: Riester-rente, Rurup pension (basic pension), post-employment benefits, Sofortrente and payout plan, life insurance and pension, unit-linked life insurance and unit-linked pension insurance, British life insurance and British Pension insurance, disability insurance and invalidity insurance, private health insurance.