Exclusive Holiday Feeling

The “wellness living room” in the home garden there is nothing better than to enjoy the first warm rays of the Sun already in his own garden? This year, in the garden, furniture and sofas made of plastic fiber are very popular. Garden furniture, especially the colors of Brown, beige, caramel, and anthracite are very strongly represented. The shapes are round and playful and not as solid as in previous years. The trend is also towards the combination of textile fabrics, wicker and metal or wood. The trend is, simply, to provide not only a dining table and a few chairs in the garden but the garden furniture to create a proper lounge area to relax. It is used as a space to relax but also to chill out. Moreover, even the use of stylish sailing or large sun-umbrellas, finally bringing the beach feeling in the garden. Want to see the materials of the furniture are one very exclusive, because with this outdoor living room”.

Rattan garden furniture are a duration. This durable material is ideally suited for outdoor use and fits wonderfully into the nature looks particularly elegant. A wide selection of exclusive garden furniture offers also Otto Versand. In the online shop of the mail-order company you will find design & lounge furniture, exclusive garden beds, pavilions and umbrellas. Email: postal address: P.o. box 2000, OTTO, 8021 Graz


This is entirely your decision. Today, more than half of all births mothers breastfed. One of the most important reasons to breast-feeding – is the nexus between the mother and her baby. Many women start to breastfeed in the first days after birth. In addition, it promotes uterine contractions and restore its normal state, and prevents bleeding. Thus, breast-feeding helps to feel that special closeness between mother and child, inherent nature. During feeding you will have the opportunity to relax, unwind and spend a wonderful, unforgettable moments beside his baby.

If in doubt, try a little breast-feed. Harm it will not bring, but you can get a lot of fun you'll be closer to the child. If you are breast-feeding is not appropriate, not worry. Go to artificial feeding. Benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has many advantages. In late pregnancy mammary glands begin to secrete colostrum.

C child receives colostrum immunity against disease, as it has all the necessary components kid in the early days of his life. In mixtures for artificial feeding contains vitamins, proteins, sugars, fats and minerals, but No other food is not a substitute for breast milk. Breastfed children are less likely to get sick stomach disorders, rarely get cold and is less susceptible to various infections. If bottle-fed children sometimes too rapidly, it comes from the fact that infant formula is made on the basis of cow's milk, which nature destined for calves, not for your baby. Milk is also the mother contains all the essential baby micronutrients, excess in breast milk did not.

Mary Poplin

WHAT does SHE: As soon as he crossed the threshold of your apartment, puts your flyer from the fitness center, phone her dressmaker, address, favorite cosmetic salon and a brief description of an effective diet, saying: "Honey, you is not hurt." She leaping laughing, shakes and painted perfectly tonsured head and tells how (damn funny!) The other day with her son took a couple of newlyweds. Opens the door of your closet and says: "This no longer wear. And then, with the same snow-white smile at the perfectly tanned face is taken to discuss personal anecdote. what do YOU: Probably, just to know her, you're glad that your loved one so young and modern mom. Fatigue, and sometimes terrify her behavior you start a little later. However, the poor just have to feel sorry – for the showy that such a fixation on youth – a tragedy. Do not give her mania, which sometimes is very contagious.

Also, do not let mother in law to become a "couple" of her son – because this place is already taken you. And do not let him involve you in a game called "My mom is the most beautiful – the most beautiful he must have two: you and only then my mother. An expert on children catchphrase: "To be a grandmother – the meaning of my life." what does IT: Many are likely to believe that you it is extremely lucky. Let the first order, it irritates the endless questions about the planned addition of a family, but as soon as the baby will be born, will take care of it, has eclipsed the very Mary Poplin.

Caffeine Many

For better absorption of fat-soluble elements may eat fresh fruits and vegetables with food, containing fat (eg, salads, poured unrefined olive or sunflower oil). To get the maximum nutrients combine vitamin-rich vegetables and cereals, meat, fish and healthy fats with all types of products. In between meal snacks raw fruits and vegetables. Only slightly manipulate steamed vegetables to retain their useful properties. Proper hydration is normal fluid intake improves blood circulation in your body and helps to quickly deliver to destination nutrients that support the health of your body and the body of the child. The aquatic environment also helps to improve the performance Brain: coming from him signals are transmitted to it more effectively. Drink more water, it will prevent constipation, wash away the bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections in pregnant women, and also improve the condition of your skin. Drink 6-8 glasses (about 2 liters) per day.

If the water you are experiencing nausea, add the lemon juice in it, or replace with milk, fresh fruit juices (diluted with water, to avoid excess sugar) or a harmless herbal tea. Caffeine Many women realize that she is pregnant after they have no desire to drink tea or coffee. Perhaps it is a natural hint of what these substance did not benefit during pregnancy. Moreover, the use of them in large quantities can lead to miscarriage. They can also cause insomnia and headaches, their reception during a meal prevents absorption of iron and folic acid. Caffeine is a diuretic, so the tea, coffee, cola, and to a lesser extent chocolate drinks cause dehydration.