Hybrid Spain

Rioja Biking In Spain, many tourists think of the sea and beach. This is Spain to Switzerland's highest country in Europe. Of the landscape of northern Spain is the interplay of sea and mountains. Two major mountain systems dominate northern Spain: the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Cordillera. The latter separated geographically (as a system of several mountain ranges), the domestic Spanish Meseta plateau. At the same time this is also culturally and historically the border to the south. Rioja we know mostly as a fine wine in a wine bottle.

The wine growing areas are mainly in the valley of the Ebro. They are against the weather influences of the north also protected by the Cantabrian Mountains. The Basque country has a lot of close sparsely populated valleys. It is also a densely populated industrial region with a very well developed roads. The further one moves away from Bilbao and the coast, the more beautiful is the landscape. The main feature is its diversity Riojas pasture land, forests, vineyards and rugged mountains can be found in confined spaces. Castile and Leon in the north is dominated by the rough edges of the domestic Spanish Meseta. Characterized by rugged rock formations SIDN with remote valleys and large forest areas. The mountainous route profile calls for a good condition. Who is making in Rioja and the Basque country cycling with a Hybrid bike, should have sufficient mountain translation, as the lead constantly cycling up and down. Increases about 50-10 kilometers on these routes are not uncommon.