Americas Way

Throughout these few years that testify its existence, the Party of the Republic already honored very in its denomination: it used the gratuitous electoral schedule to defame the Monarchy Brazilian and to attack the person of the governing greater that already lived in Americas (Dom Peter II), it served of party of rent for some personalities politics, as for the Garotinho clan here in Rio De Janeiro, Mr. Valdemar of the Coast Grandson (that &#039 made a withdrawal; ' estratgica' ' of the congress at the time of the Mensalo) and Mr. Blairo Maggi, in the Mato Grosso of the South. as to forget the joy broken it, Mr. Francisco Everardo Oliveira Hisses, the Great Tiririca clown! As it could not be different, this party entered into an alliance it the great exponent of the national politics, the imponent Party of the Workers, looks with it exclusive to collaborate ' ' without any interesse' ' in the campaign to place preparadssima Mrs.

Dilma Vana Roussef in the Palace of Plateaus. Campaign this, by the way, exclusively based in the predicates politicians of this experienced lady, who already was acclaimed as the successor of the government very before the remain of the cupola governmetalist ' ' tropear' ' in the mensales, without any type of support and participation of the humble one Mr. Lus Incio Da Silva, codnominado Squid. In exchange for this aid, the broken nobleman of the Republic received some gifts politics, amongst which the Ministry of the Transports. Interest to my expensive interlocutor that these letters reads that I would like to continue the sarcasm, but in this point my creativity finds limit. This party when taking account of the ministry of the transports caused the true shame (plus one) of the high cupola of this government, that until the moment collects fallen ministers. By the way, he does not demonstrate to possess much authority Mrs.