The Chart

Any other concerns arising within his personal life and health have your Natal chart in your hands you can: Better understand the ups and downs of your personality, Recognize the fluctuations of your character and the cycles that going. Know what are the natural provisions you own Know your positive and negative qualities. In conclusion: knowing the Natal chart leave forward blindly through life. To know the positive can exploit to the maximum to succeed in life, to know the negative can work on yourself to overcome them. The chart is a map of the sky as you would see a newborn baby from his crib, except that it also includes the invisible half of the cosmos that would be below the horizon. An astrological analysis can have different applications. It is a method to deepen knowledge about our own subtle body, our psyche. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bobby Gocool.

Tell us how you are, what is his character, his personality, their tastes, their defects, its virtues; his way of being and react to various situations of life. We cannot know what the face you present to the world and what is its true I. There are many aspects of your life that you ignore, talents and skills of your personality that you are hidden until now, and desprovechados potential and positive factors that would be very useful if you knew them fully. Remember your chart serves you: As a guide, As a map that tells us how fluctuating cosmic energies at a given moment It helps to make important decisions.

Amazon Light

What dress? You can wear warm sweaters, jeans, warm pants, gloves, boots, scarves and other garments that protect people from the cold. Do dry season: during this season in the Sierra are recorded temperatures between 11?C and 20?(C), by that in this region the nationals and foreigners are permitted activities in the snowy peaks, as the excursion by the route of the volcanoes, by good weather. Summer serrano, which is from December to may rainy season are not recorded and the sky tends to be mostly clear. What dress? Rather light clothing, can be dressed but you must be careful with the cold drafts which may occur from time to time, and that could contribute to a flu. Recommended clothing lightweight sweaters, footwear comfortable, since the boots are not necessary because there is no presence mostly rainy. East or Amazonian rainy season the Amazon is characterized by the humidity of the climate, and consequently the rainy season, from January to September the greater part of the year. However it is worth visit it, since it offers the visitor see a flora and fauna rich in natural species, which in the majority of cases are unique in the world. The temperatures recorded in this season is 23?C to 36?C.

what dress? The ideal clothing in this season are pants and light shirts, by heat which can record this season. Besides boots should be used to protect us from the puddles that can produce rain. Dry season El Oriente registers a dry season from October to December, where also recorded humidity and high temperatures that can reach 39?C. what dress? It is recommended to wear light, cool clothing and moisturize constantly, light shoes or sandals, can be used to make the trips more comfortable. Do gal? payments Galapagos offers a temperate climate with temperatures between 22 and 32 degrees centigrade, throughout the year.

The Aorta

The disease progresses slowly, since the nephrons are injured at a. When the number of non-functional nephrons ischemia is sufficiently high, the patient develops kidney failure chronic lentamenteprogresiva. If hypertension has produced significant ischemia of the nephron, it is said that the Kidney has suffered a benign hypertensive nefrosclerosis. It is a common and important cause of failure renalcronica in ages stockings and advanced. Aorta. Hypertension predisposes to the development of large abdominal aortic aneurysms and dissections of the media. Secondary hypertension represents less than 10% of cases in a minority of cases it is considered that there is any structural abnormality responsible for the development of systemic hypertension.

For example, the estenosisde renal artery (usually, at its root) by atherosclerosis can result in hypertension, with possible surgical treatment. Hypertension is associated with an elevation of levels of Renin and Angiotensin II in the movement, coming from the ischaemic kidney, and curable in early stages by laextirpacion of kidney affection. Hypertension is also a symptom of diffuse Glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis Nephropathies. Hypertension is transient in the initial acute phase of glomerular diseases (p. ex., acute nephritic syndrome), but standing in diffuse chronic Nephropathies.Pheochromocytoma, a secreting tumor of adrenaline to noradrenaline which usually emerges in the adrenal Medulla, produces high blood pressure queinicialmente is paroxysmal.

The coarctation of the aorta is a congenital malformation which increases peripheral resistance due to a structural stenosis of aorta. In these cases hypertension is not really systemic, since it affects only the arterial system ahead of coarctation, usually to arms, head and neck. High blood pressure is a symptom of diseases of the adrenal cortex that are associated with excessive production of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids (syndrome of Cushing and Conn sindromede). It is also a symptom of preeclampsia, and you can associate with endocrinopathies such as hyperthyroidism, acromegaly and, on occasions, hypothyroidism, or neurogenic as intracranial hypertension due to one cause.