Jean Mernard

Each is good insofar as it applies to a particular context. a sueltaa If the apple out of the atmosphere does not fall. To understand this requires a new method. The economy is reasonable for almost a century with the Cartesian coordinates, as a way of reasoning. a but has evolved on a single model of reasoning, which has elucidated a model of reality. But now it serves.

There is a duality between two thinkers, scientists and mathematicians, Rene Descartes and Blaise Pascal. The second was barely tested. In the Spanish educational system or it is called in philosophy, when it is necessary to understand the changing reality. As discussed Jean Mernard, Descartes raises the totality of knowledge of a first truth, unquestionable and absolute certainty, hence the famous phrase of his book The Discourse on Method: "I think, therefore I am": "It's so safe and secure this truth that the skeptics were not able to move her, I thought I could accept it without scruple as the first principle of philosophy that sought ". Descartes was not simply to discover a basis for establishing a method of reasoning, but pretended to think for himself and leave the tight control exercised by the scholastics pensamientoa, so first you permitieraa contrasting views and theories of the authorities. Its foundation was a step in the geometric and mathematical calculation, but it served for a stable reality, or established on the reasoning introduced. Overcame the Aristotelian model of the syllogism, whose reasoning is achieved by general principles based on faith or authority, such as Aristotle.