Fibromialgia Treatment

The fibromialgia is a chronic upheaval that affects mainly to women among 30 and 60 years. The clinical picture includes psychic pain, fatigue and upheavals (especially upheavals of the dream). Other symptoms can be paroxsticos movements, cramps, migraas or muscular spasms. The pain usually is so intense that with treatment it even can not disappear. The fibromialgia is very difficult to try and for that reason usually it resorts to a multidisciplinary treatment that includes rheumatologists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists or attending physicians. The pharmacological treatment includes nonesteroideos and antidepressing antinflamatorios, although their annoying indirect effect are known as much short very well as in the long term. As far as the nonpharmacological treatment, options like the exercise (particularly the aquatic one), the occupational therapy, the nourishing supplements or the marijuana exist. In spite of having contraindications, the marijuana acts like a powerful muscular relajante and calm the pain, reason why it can be very beneficial for the fibromialgia patients. To buy marijuana seeds, as well as to sell them, are completely legal, reason why it turns out very simple to take control of them.

Back Pain After Childbirth

Many women complain of giving birth severe back pain after childbirth. Pain is often unbearable really. The reason – at the boundary of physics and physiology. On the one hand – a heavy stomach and gravity, on the other – changes in the pelvis, caused by the rearrangement of the woman's body. As a result, the load on the spine and increases sharply when the back muscles are not very good tone, develops pain.

Often mothers are hoping that the pain go away after delivery. But this has not almost never happens. Back muscles are the 'memory', so the spine is the correct position. Remain compressed nerves, spinal discs inclined, curved spine. Very annoying situation.

Unfortunately, the main enemy in this situation – lack of information. Even professional gynecology often do not know the true causes of back pain and the problem is left to the mercy of the woman. In addition, many Mom, sedentary lifestyle, back problems existed prior to pregnancy – low back pain and scoliosis statistics occurs in one in five women of childbearing age. And it's not just increases the risk of back pain during and after pregnancy, but they just guarantee! How can that be and what to do? If you have ever had back problems, then at the very early stages need to be concerned about her health. The best friend in this situation – medical exercise. Enough a couple of months training in a special technique that does not become chronic pain. Let us remember our grandparents – most of them the problem of pain after childbirth simply did not exist. The point raised physical activity. Not only what the modern woman, who lives in the city, gets a physical strain that forced get our mothers and grandmothers, even just doing housework. Wash – hands, bring the water – from the well, etc. As a result, back problems after giving birth, they did not know. Doing a set of special exercises during pregnancy only 15 minutes a day, you can easily keep your back muscles in tone and avoid problems. Similar result brings massage. If you already have scoliosis or low back pain, a therapeutic massage is a must. Often, it is recommended the option of using a vest-trainer. That is what this says about Valentine Zabiela, author creator massage techniques and a doctor – osteopad 'Vest-simulator absolutely can not apply after 7-8 week of pregnancy, as it can squeeze the fetus. Until that time, use a vest, in principle, unlimited. " But it is clear that at such early stages of any changes affecting the spine, in women is not happening yet. So like how to wear a vest and no. In fact – there is! Vest allows your muscles back to gain more vitality in the future this may not be enough to avoid the 'vertebrate' problems.

Cervical Erosion

Cervical erosion – a process which results in changes cover the vaginal part of cervix. Clinical manifestations of disease are pain during intercourse, unusual vaginal discharge. In number of cases the disease is asymptomatic. A leading source for info: Rand Paul. Causes of cervical erosion is very diverse. Among them, injuring the uterus as a result of childbirth or abortion, early sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases (virus pappilomy human genital herpes, etc.), frequent changes of partners. Also, erosion of the uterus develops from inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system. Untreated disease can lead to the formation of benign or malignant tumors. Cervical cancer – one of the most common pathologies in women in the field of oncology. In this regard, it is recommended to periodically check-ups at the gynecologist. In general, diseases associated with lesion of genital infections, are the result of unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, to prevention of pathology include personal hygiene, use of condoms during sexual contacts.

Flu Virus

FLU win – an acute viral disease, anthroponosis is transmitted by airborne droplets. It is characterized by acute onset, fever, general intoxication and respiratory tract lesions. The etiology and pathogenesis. Pathogens Flu belong to the family ortomiksovirusov, which include genus influenza A viruses, the genus of the influenza virus B and C. Influenza A viruses are divided into type A, many serotypes. Continually rise to new antigenic variants.

Influenza virus quickly killed by heating, drying and disinfectants under the influence of various agents. Infection atriums are upper respiratory tract. The influenza virus selectively infects columnar epithelium respiratory tract, especially the trachea. Increased permeability of the vascular wall leads to disruption of the microcirculation and the appearance of hemorrhagic syndrome (hemoptysis, epistaxis, hemorrhagic pneumonia, entsefa-shovel). Influenza causes reduced immune responsiveness. This leads to an exacerbation of various chronic diseases – rheumatism, chronic pneumonia, pielita, cholecystitis, dysentery, toxoplasmosis, etc., and also to the emergence of secondary bacterial complications. The virus persists in the patient's body, usually within 3-5 days of onset of the disease, and complications of pneumonia at-to 10-14 days. Symptoms flow.

The incubation period lasts from 12 to 48 hours typical flu starts badly, often with chills or chilling, body temperature rises rapidly, and already the first day of fever reaches its maximum level (38-40 C). Showing signs of intoxication (fatigue, weakness, sweating, muscle aches, severe headache, eye pain) and respiratory symptoms (dry cough, Pershe-tion in the throat, soreness in the chest, hoarseness vote). In a study of marked hyperemia of face and neck, injected sclera-tion of vessels, increased sweating, bradikar-diya, hypotension. Detected lesion of the upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis). Particularly affected are often the trachea, whereas rhinitis is sometimes absent (so called akataralnaya form of influenza). Characterized by redness and a kind of grainy mouth mucosa. Tongue coated, may be-hratkovremennoe diarrhea. Complications of the central nervous system manifested in the form of Me-iingizma and encephalopathy.

Environment and Disease

For those who want to be healthy. Man, you understand not only the physical body (shell), add at least another of its three main body (shell): emotional, energetic and mental. They are not inserted into each other as dolls, and permeate each other, forming a single creature. Without going into detail in the process of disease, we can confidently say that the causes of diseases are our thoughts, followed by actions, and if they are wrong – sick. Simplified the process of the disease looks like.

We understand ourselves and the world around them form certain habitual way of thinking, and if this image is contrary to the Universal laws, there is a mental cause of disease. It affects the emotional state and the energy body, damaging it in the appropriate places, and these injuries, in turn, are reflected in the physical diseases of the physical body. Here, I'm not talking about deliberate or accidental damage to the physical body, although it is the materialization of the wrong thoughts. Now consider three ways to treat, not forgetting that all bodies (Shell) is a single organism. If we treat only the physical body (the traditional or conventional medical treatment and manual), then correct it would imply some improvements in the energy body, but not sufficient to run the self-healing mechanism of the body. The remaining cause of mental fast enough will be felt relapsed or manifest a new, similar symptoms to the disease. If we treat only energy body (extra impact, Reiki, acupuncture, etc.), then the energy shell Revamped include self-healing mechanism and the physical body begins to restore its natural function. But again, do not eliminate the mental cause would prevent this process by not allowing him to finish.

Naturally, the important positive emotional, which can be full screenshot of certain techniques and habits. energy shell, includes self-healing mechanism of the physical body and the disease disappears and is no longer refundable. It is true there are a few "buts". If the organic changes of the physical body too significant, it simply can not manage to recover in time and say goodbye to white light. Or not in such a dark variant – treatment will be delayed. A man down in the old way of thinking, everything will return to normal. Sometimes a person has turned out a tangle itself causes mental and eliminate one another come to the surface. It turns out whole host of work to do. From all this it is easy to conclude: to treat the disease must be parallel to applying all methods, paying particular attention to eliminating the causes. In this case, reduced to a minimum the need for medication and side effects from it, speeding up the healing process and if the mental cause (causes) eliminated, the disease will not return. In conclusion, if you're tired of ache, you understand and accept some postulates. Although the cause of the disease is in the wrong mental, subconscious plants in the wrong view of life, but this is nobody's fault, even you. The disease is not a punishment but a lesson. And this lesson should be easy to use. During recovery, take responsibility for yourself, remember that you are chronicles. Make a decision to be healthy, work with their illness on three sides and know that after such a decision in your life will necessarily right people – psychologists, healers, doctors understand. Ludmila Yesipova, especially for Source: