What is brings back to consciousness? The state of being conscious, is brings back to consciousness of the own existence, the sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc., and the mental activity of which a person is conscious. This superior over the mind is the mental body whereupon the person must contact itself. Which are our bodies of energy? Our physical body is made up of seven small farms (to see p 12) in ” Smaller Mental body and exists in our etrico field. Our etrico field is the center of the energy of our being. The following body that we own is the emotional one, that extends around three feet of distance of our etrico body.

Ours Greater Mental Body is where the majors levels of bring back to consciousness exist. Which emotions, thoughts and attitudes influence their level of brings back to consciousness? His it brings back to consciousness attracts exactly what it is feeling impelled by the thoughts, the attitudes and the general mentality. If you feel like positive, and have happy thoughts, are what is going to attract. Any thought of transmission with a feeling will indicate a reflection than it has generated. Often we are conscious of how long and mental energy we spent in the negative thoughts and the feelings that are. We are so customary to the negatividad that we are essentially unconscious than we are making same. Therefore, an aspect important to elevate brings back to consciousness is first conscious being one same one of the self-criticism constantly and to hear what one thinks about your head. Same Pregntate ” Which is the potential of my brings back to consciousness? ” Concete same good. If no, how it can develop his brings back to consciousness to indicate a life better? In order to elevate his it brings back to consciousness, you you must begin to be observed itself and observes his own strengths and weaknesses, skills and abilities, tendencies and desires.