Truskavets Resorts Treatment

Truskavets resort – one of the most famous spa resorts in Ukraine. He stretched out to the lovely valley of the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Its therapeutic possibilities Truskavets not inferior to such famous resorts in Europe, Baden-Baden, Vichy, etc. Modern Truskavets – a big city, where both can be treated and to rest up to 15 thousand people, and for a year visit the resort and 200 thousand tourists from all over Ukraine, as well as from Russia, Belarus, Germany and other countries. Truskavets today – the discovery of more and more guest houses, resorts and hotels. Rapidly growing tourism private sector. But the main wealth spa resort Truskavetc – is its unique healing mineral water. Truskavets gained fame thanks to the mineral water ''.

This healing water with high organic content of oil origin. That organic matter, which quickly destroyed when exposed to air (so 'Naftusia' should only drink in the Pump Room) Truskavets'ka '' differs from other therapeutic mineral waters. Today, she has no equal on the curative effects. Holidays Truskavets resort – is a unique opportunity to visit the city with a picturesque landscape, as well as a good rest and heal. Summer – the mountains and the beautiful unforgettable alpine meadows in the winter – pure, sparkling in the sun, blinding snow And the whole year – a unique therapeutic effects of climate, clean air Carpathian, excellent tan. Resort Truskavets – ecologically clean region with napovtorimoy culture, history and customs. Healing Power of Nature Truskavetc – your health and wellness.