Strong Sports

Forth Forder brewery rises as a new sponsor for the Tigers, an Osnabruck, 17.08.2012. Details can be found by clicking supermodel or emailing the administrator. competitive differentiation, image enhancement, customer loyalty and branding and always the targets of corporate communication are formulated Osnabruck, is always the successful exercise as a parallel to the sport on the wish list at the top. In addition to the classical marketing instruments through print and online media activities involve increasingly in sports and culture in the considerations. Sports sponsorship enjoys particular popularity as the messages of advertisers reach the audience pleasant way in the leisure environment and are perceived by customers, fans or viewers not as a nuisance but as supportive. The focus is not measurable sales, but much more the chance to present company and to draw attention to himself. Firms are increasingly discovering the benefits of sports sponsorship as part of the marketing.

So the Herforder brewery operates many years successful sports sponsorship and now as a sponsor in the Osnabruck Tigers engaged in American football. Sponsorship is one of the most effective communication tools to promote the corporate identity. Hardly another form of marketing communication offers so many benefits and is an integral part of corporate policy for small, medium-sized and large companies. “Results of empirical long-term study sponsorship trends” of the BBDO live show that there was little change in the ranking of the most popular fields of sponsorship in recent years: the sports sponsorship is still with 81 percent of the companies in the first place. Based on the principle of performance and in return so many communication channels for new target groups as a part of CSR (corporate social responsibility) opens a promotion on both sides from an enterprise perspective. Companies accept social responsibility for sustainable long-term support an organization or an association through sponsorship and may affect their visibility. Sports sponsorship offers the option of clubs or athletes the provision of money or material resources to support and increase as the own visibility.