GDM In Pregnancy

The test is considered positive for the diagnosis of GDM when more than two high values according to the following criteria: Fasting: 95 mg / dl. 1 hr: 180 mg / dl. 2 hr: 155 mg / dl. 3 hr: 140 mg (dl. This test should also be made when fasting blood glucose levels exceed normal limits for pregnancy but not be diagnostic for diabetes, ie over 105 mg / dl and below 126 mg / dl. Another way to make a diagnosis of GDM is when: there are 2 fasting blood glucose levels on 2 different days separated by at least 48 hrs between each shot with values equal to or greater than 126 mg / dl. 1 figure greater than 200mg, no matter what time of day, with or without symptoms.

Pathophysiology (origins of disease). GDM starts to detect from the 24th week of pregnancy, ie between the sixth and seventh month, and due to the absence of maternal symptoms to diagnose it is of paramount importance to the completion of the diagnostic test and commentary (100 OGTC gr) at this time. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, hyperglycemia is secondary to a state of insulin resistance, which in turn is caused by the increase during pregnancy in the levels of various hormones called contrareguladoras, from among which placental lactogen growth hormone, baby, c uyo production peak occurs between 24-28 weeks and persisting high throughout the growth stage of it, until about 34-36 weeks.