Bus Transportation

Currently, one of the most popular and relatively safe means of transportation is bus. Wherever you go – a long distance trip or a nearby street, if you do not have their own transport, then bus for you – the best means of transportation. Chinese factory buses higer manufactures buses for the city and tourist trips, and the second largest bus manufacturer in the world and first in China. higer believes that the foundation the popularity of their products – this is the emphasis on safety and quality of service. If we turn to the figures, the territory of the plant is slightly less than half a million square meters and consists of 3 fields, whose production might – release of approximately 15,000 buses per year, which in turn in 2006 led to a sales volume amounting to 3 million (U.S. dollars).

In manufacturing today employs 1,500 people and about 500 of them – highly skilled technical profile. To automate the uninterrupted production plant higer uses ultramodern technical equipment of the leading manufacturers in the world. The company works closely with other manufacturers, so in 2006, appeared project in collaboration with the Swedish company scania, promising a speedy entry into the market of top-class buses for guided tours – Scania-Higer A80. Own Chinese factory has created more than 50 series and over 300 models of passenger, urban and tourist and buses. Production is carried out under standard ISO/TS16949: 2002 and Gosstandart cas has been certified, and some models are certified also by the standards of eec and the gcc. Chinese buses higer demand in many countries in Europe and Africa, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, and Russian market higer altogether considered one of the most promising, holding it in a special account. At present, our market presents seven models of buses higer, adapted for Russian roads, and certified by all standards.

The number of facilities that provide Chinese buses include economic engine for diesel fuel, double glazing, lounge, equipped with comfortable chairs with soft seats, as well as equipped with a heating system and in some models of air conditioning. Russian clients are very happy with the attention higer plant employees to their wishes and timely response to comments, and this is understandable – in fact the very emergence of the Russian market, it is a continuous work with clients, studying market demand, proposals, suggestions, reviews. Company higer reliable niche and gained sympathy for the bus market for quite a short time, having won the Russian clients good quality combined with competitive prices on the model for different purposes, from urban to coaches, small, medium and large classes that are suitable for a small town, and for the city. The popularity of the manufacturer has been growing steadily, and higer not going to give up the position.