Leeuwenhoek Illness

In contrast of the estafilococos, the resistance to penicillin must not to penicilinase, but the proteins that if bind to the antibiotic inhibiting its action without destroying. In accordance with the site (2) pneumoccica illness is the corporate name for the infections caused for the Streptococcus bacterium pneumoniae, also known as pneumococo. This bacterium if feels all to the will in the body. The types most common of infections caused for the Streptococcus pneumoniae are of the average ear, the pneumonia, the bacteriemia (infections in the sanguineous chain), the infections of sinus and the bacterial meningite. 90 types of pneumococos exist more than, with the ten responsible more common types for 62% of the invasive illnesses in the world. Second still the cited site those that are infectados load the bacterium in its throat they expel and it when they tossem or they sneeze. As any another embryo, the Streptococcus pneumoniae can infectar any one, but certain groups of the population run more risk, as aged, people with cancer or AIDS and people with chronic illnesses as diabetes. The OMS esteem that the illness is responsible for more than a million of fatal cases of respiratory illnesses; the majority of these cases occurs in developing countries.

It has two types of available vaccines to prevent the pneumoccica illness, recommended for children and adults with more than 65 years of age. The discovery of the bacteria the bacteria had been discovered in middle of the year of 1683 for the dutch Antoni van Leeuwenhoek who had as he passes time to polish lenses and to construct microscopes. Perhaps in mere a Antoni it perceived very small beings in form of rods in a removed sample of its tooth, these microscopical beings had received the name from animalcules. Its discovery finished not being valued in the scientific way. But in century XIX a German scientist discovered that these microscopical beings were .causing of an illness that affected the cattle of the region, thus initiating the study on the bacteria.