Mariana School

What it facilitated the things was that Peter grew more slowly, thus could use to advantage clothes that did not serve more to the brother. Owner Mariana had that to make all the work and to take care of personally of Peter, therefore the boy did not have financial conditions to pay to dressmaker nor laundrywoman and nor dribble. When the time of the boys arrived to go the school is that the couple Oak felt more pain to have a poor son. Pablo easily was registered a particular school, but Peter had that to wait a vacant in the public school, he was behind in the studies, but it was good because when finally obtained a vacant could use to advantage leves blank of the notebook of the brother, also used to advantage the used stockings and tennises. Pablo alone went pra school when he wanted, that he was not studious, but is that the college found flat, exactly having much thing to make there.

It preferred to play video game and to sail in the Internet. Already Peter did not costumava to lack, for the lessons and professors, whom also bludgeon found, but not to lose merenda pertaining to school, many times its only meal of the day. The parents of that poor boy had not made comfortable themselves with the situation. Mariana owner was who more suffered, but she was to the fight. He accepted to wash clothes for the neighbors, to sew for the known ones and until vender cookies in the fair. Dr.

Oak used its influence stops of all the ways to help the poor son. Certain time Peter was sick and if it was not for the influence of Dr. Oak would have died of pneumonia before obtaining a medical consultation in a health rank. The remedies stop the son had been supplied by one politician friend of the family, in exchange, is clearly, of the votes of the parents.