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If unfortunately, don’t you start to consolidate a good self-esteem, as the child grows, his mind will be polluting messages that determine what to think using true inadequate social prototypes, damages, and other internal constraints, fruit of the dysfunctional family environment where has grown. Adults generally, use patterns of thought that underscore our ego, our experiences, whether they are positive or negative, in addition to everything learned in the society that we have grown. Therefore, most of the times operate without external constraints we are unable to. That means many times not knowing how to accept reality as it is. As a result, and returning to the theme of happiness, many people questioned his happiness, feel unhappy, and blame external circumstances. Be happy i.e.

seems an utopia, which will only be able to reach part someday if what surrounds them changes. They are not happy and hope someday it be unaware that happiness is in themselves, and in its positioning towards life. Perhaps everything might be easier, just only need a time for reflection and internalization. According to Gunnar Peterson, who has experience with these questions. You ever wondered, if there is pain in your life, why not try to resist? Perhaps you realize than you mind that resists and what it does is to cause suffering. Many of the feelings that I have listed above, are the result of the stance we take towards life.

It seems that we prefer to live in the past or in the future and that brings us, sadness, anxiety, fears, insecurity, anger, confusion, etc would not be much healthier to focus on the present and savor at every moment what life is allowing us to experiment? It wouldn’t we feel better live with gratitude, joy, enthusiasm? Is our ability to look around and discover in anytime something new, appreciate the small things of every day. And if we try to open our eyes well to realise that the unhappiness is not reality, but our desires and erroneous beliefs that we have in our mind? To be happy, you may not have to do anything, simply observe the children. We need to be in the present, be like them. But previously you have to get rid of misperceptions, which does not let us see the reality. Sometimes it can be simple, on other occasions it is just appropriate to ask for professional help. For even more analysis, hear from David Delrahim. But if we are able to become aware and to make small changes, surely happiness will be at our fingertips. As a final reflection, I would like to mention in a brief summary to the beautiful and wise words of Pablo Neruda. Dies slowly who avoids a passion, who not flips the table when you are unhappy, who does not risk the truth by the uncertain to go behind a dream, slowly dies who does not travel, who does not read, who cannot hear music, who cannot find grace in itself. We avoid death in soft quotas, remembering always that being alive requires much greater than the simple fact of breathing effort, only ardent patience shall we get a splendid happiness.