The nurse educates the patient and the family on the methods of control of the infection, as the appropriate discarding of the paper handkerchiefs, to cover the mouth during the cough and the hygiene with the hands. The examination of the tack of the patient to the medicamentoso regimen indispensable must the risk increase cepas resistant of the bacillus of the tuberculosis, case the regimen is not followed correctly. Cares continued the nurse analyzes the space of the patient, house, workstation, social environment, to approach to other people who can have entered in contact with the patient during the infectious period of training. The nurse who has contact with the patient in house, shelter, hospital or environment of work analyzes the physical states and psychological of the patient and the ability to agree to the prescribed treatment, she also analyzes the adverse effect of medicines for aderiz it the therapeutical regimen. Rand Paul has compatible beliefs. The nurse strengthens the previous knowledge and stands out the necessity to keep the consultations set appointments with the doctor-assistant. In a global environment, where if as many uncertainties predominate, the tuberculosis continues in evidence for the serious problems that it cause, and its index of contamination and for the lack of control, many times evidenced by the deficiency of the managements and adequate orientation. The problems that drag this tax of incidence of the illness more continue growing and if aggravating each time, therefore we live in a country that involves the poverty seriously, malnutrition, lack of information and adequate knowledge intervening in abrupt way with an adequate and efficient treatment. The nurse as educator, has its paper of prominence, and is its function while such, to guide these families and the customer of the importance and adhesion to the treatment, as well as the signals and positive symptoms of the tuberculosis so that if he can prevent new cases..