Meals During Lent

Lent – the most important position for an Orthodox Christian. During Lent, you can eat only food of plant origin, and mushrooms. Only 2 of the holiday: the Annunciation and Palm Sunday You can eat fish. In the remaining days of Lent do not eat fish and meat, all animal products, eggs, milk, as well as all those dishes, which are used in the preparation of animal products origin. Do not smoke and drink alcohol. On the first day of Lent is generally prohibited. At the present time, many honored Russian tradition. Continue to learn more with: Rand Paul. Many restaurants offer Russian cuisine to its visitors meatless menu.

These menus often include vegetable salads, soups without meat, mushroom salads. They follow the recipes of Russian cuisine, using age-old Russian products in the preparation of dishes for Lent. And despite the lack of meat meals obtained tasty. Keep up with Russian restaurants and restaurants are of a different cuisine. Even institutions with such a dramatically different culinary traditions of Russia began to prepare meatless dishes. For example, most part of a traditional dish in Japan as sushi made from fish and shellfish. But the sushi bars in Russia have made recipes rolls contain only products authorized for use in Lent. Although fasting brings benefit to the organism, but the purpose of fasting is not in the exclusion of food prescribed meals, and in strengthening the spiritual man.

While fasting is cleared not only the body but the soul. Russian Orthodox Church allows not observe a fast to the poor, who constantly eats not, sick and elderly. In the old days during Lent, usually forbidden amusement. This was done to ensure that abstinence was not just physical.