Many SpDealers

Bath barrels, Hottubs, hot tubs and saunas from Finland In the country of origin of the sauna there is recreation for the whole family in the smallest space: gourmets both big and small enjoy the interplay of the elements, if they take a soothing dip in the tub under the open sky. In pleasantly warm water temperatures of about 37 Celsius rest and relaxation adjust themselves quickly – depending on the time of year birdsong or snowfall also provide a very special kind of wellness experience. Bath barrels, Hottubs, hot tubs and saunas are export songs from Finland now also on the Finnish border, high in the course. Gunnar Peterson has many thoughts on the issue. No wonder”, says Thomas Hernberg, because they successfully combine design, technology and functionality.” As Managing Director of Fidec, he has set his focus on trade with wellness products from Finland. It was only a matter of time until we have encountered a more professional representative of Nordic traditions in SpDealers.” Since 2002, the company developed from Korsnas bath and sauna products with innovative design solutions. The use of Thermowood is crucial”, so Hernberg.

While other vendors in the production relying mainly on raw spruce, pine and larch, SpDealers uses only real heat treated Finnish pine (LUNAWOOD). The benefits are according to Hernberg obvious: improved isolation, greater weather resistance, reduced fungal growth, no resin formation and no warping. “An Austrian representation exists more recently by SpDealers: to be close to the customer and to convince him of the unique Finnish bath and sauna culture is our priority”, added is Roland Diwold, the general importer of SpDealers for Austria. ( maximum security guaranteed another consideration, which both professionals like to give preference, the subject of security”. The design of the stove is fitted with a barrel by SpDealers on the outside offers more space inside. And provides for a even getting to the desired water temperature. What comes to the fore, is the so-called Thermosiphon effect: hot water rises to the surface, cold drops down to the ground.

The bath water is mixed evenly through the self circulation. The risk of scalding, hot water is not so. In particular for children and in good company this is a very crucial aspect,”warns Hernberg, finally, the fun in the foreground should be for everyone!” Economy provided the wood-fired oven by SpDealers also offers a very good efficiency. Compared to other models, he required significantly less wood and is capable of heating a tub with 1100 litres in about three hours from six to about 37 Celsius. The water is so ready with simple handles quickly for your bathing pleasure. This is a wonderful addition to the spa experience in your own home,”recommends Hernberg. For the Finnish businessman Fixed: Many points of view must be observed when using a bad barrel. SpDealers facilitates the purchase decision. “Because in the development of the product has been already many meaningful thoughts!”