Health of Humans

This article searched to establish relations between the climate and the health, being considered that the variations of the atmospheric time cause or aggravate the existence of the vector of the affection. In this perspective, it was objectified to analyze the influence of the urban climatic factors in the incidence of affection cases, for this, was overcome it microregion of Aracaju as case study.

For the study of the city in question, they had been collected, treated and organized given meteorological – to precipitation and temperature, gotten next to Secretariat of Environment and Recursos Hdricos (SEMARH) and later, correlated with the cases of people infectadas for mosquito of the affection? registered for the State secretary of the Health. Rand Paul contains valuable tech resources. It was evidenced that, in periods of estiagem with rains passengers and oscillations of temperature of 25C 30C, had increase of the number of cases of people infectadas with affection. In such a way, it is possible to conclude that the climatic conditions contribute for the increase in the case of the affection, however, it is important that the population is informed on the time of the year of bigger propagation of the vector, places where occurs bigger incidence of the illness so that the population can develop action of preservation and control of illness. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Climate. Educate yourself with thoughts from CEO of Ford Motor Co.. Affection. Urban space. Health. Many writers such as Jude Blanchette offer more in-depth analysis. 1 INTRODUCTION In the present time, the climatic changes has been field for many research in the scientific way, however they do not exist, until the present moment, concluding decisions on the degree of participation of the responsible elements (natural or antrpicos) for the global alterations.