What do you mean? When it runs itself for, you can pass stepping on, before the small ball arrives, and later to come back toward it, being that you were not eliminated. The valid territory (to fair territory) understands the area between two lines that, perpendicularly, follow of home plate until the wall located in the deep one of the field. The carried through plays inside of the area demarcated for foul lines, including the proper ones, are considered as to fair zones (valid territory). The space is of foul lines is called foul territory, that is, the plays directed for this territory are not valid. However, it has several you launch where, in accordance with the rule, the play is valid when territory reaches foul.

Home plate, 1, 2 and 3 bases are marked by linked bases and for lines (base lines), delimiting the area of the internal garden that possesss the format of a diamond. The space behind the internal garden that if extends until the walls to the deep one of the field is called external garden. The official measures determined by the CBBS are: Home plate until the wall of the gardens right and left (foul lines): 320 feet (97,54m) Home plate until the wall behind the central garden: 400 feet (121,92m) or more. For the too much categories the measures are the following ones: Daily pay-infantile (8, 9 and 10 years) Gardens right and left: 60mJardim central: 80% of right and left the oficialInfantil measure (11 and 12 years) Gardens: 85mJardim central: 80% of the official measure right and left Daily pay-Jnior (13 and 14 years) Gardens: 70mJardim central: 80% of right and left the oficialJnior measure (15 and 16 years) Gardens: 85mJardim central: 80% of the oficialJuvenil measure (17 and 18 years) eAdulto (19 years or more): official measures When the sport is a pleasure, can provide much more of what physical benefits.