Do you know the foods that are healthy and those who do not? In some cases it is somewhat tricky, because on the one hand we hear that it is bad, and he himself is good on the other hand. It is the case of coffee, being the drink plus drink stimulant in the West, which seems to be not as bad as thought. You may want to visit Rand Paul to increase your knowledge. The conclusions are still provisional, but it may be that coffee is good for protecting the brain, for example, Parkinson’s disease. A coffee bean contains a mixture of substances that go beyond their simple caffeine content. For example, do not drip coffee, can increase cholesterol by some substances involved, that if in drip coffee stays on paper, for example. However, other studies indicate that coffee can also be very good to prevent certain diseases such as: diabetes type II, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And in the case of cirrhosis, the risk of suffering is 15% lower among those who take coffee.

It seems that we also have another wrong idea and is that coffee causes osteoporosis, is not well, but is that accompanies it sugar or sweets or cakes what if they can cause. There is also the question of choosing a good coffee and prepare it properly. About decaffeinated coffee, has not shown be better than no decaf, rather on the contrary, because ‘ that is decaffeinated added you a few chemical solvents that can be harmful. Just as bad is taking 4 or 5 cups a day as no Prova, now if it is preferable to consume with moderation, as whole.