Caring For A Kitten In The First Days Of Life

The first time after the birth of the baby are advised to leave at dusk to bright light did not lead to the development of their cataracts. Opening eyes in babies occurs within 1-2 weeks after birth. And they begin to distinguish objects more through 5 – 10 days. Be that as it may be better at first, just to keep the kitten in one room. Better in the adjustment period to keep it, for example, in the kitchen. Kitten need to put little bed and bowls with water and food. Newborn kittens both sexes and all breeds have a weight about the same – 80-120, for the first time, they added about 100 grams per week.

From the third week of females grow slower than SEALs. If your baby is gaining weight poorly, you need to carry it on consultation in veterinaries. During the third week, begin to appear and the teeth are usually on a 5-day 6, this process is completed. Not to subject a cat to heavy loads, especially for large litters, it is possible for 3 – 4-week start to fertilizing. At 8 weeks of age kittens taken away from her mother, and they feed themselves.

Pay attention to the health of a kitten: it should look well-groomed. Ears should be cleaned to the extent of pollution from sulfur cotton swabs with Vaseline oil. If the kitten an upset stomach, or something else – do not be lazy to go to a veterinary clinic. Kittens must do all necessary vaccinations. It is very important to teach the little kitten to a toilet. In shops A wide choice of fillers and special sprays to attract to the toilet or scaring from places where there is no need to defecate. For additional attraction to the tray, there is one simple way: in filler put a piece of toilet paper soaked in urine baby. It is better not to let small kittens out of the room as long as they are not accustom to the tray.