Caffeine Many

For better absorption of fat-soluble elements may eat fresh fruits and vegetables with food, containing fat (eg, salads, poured unrefined olive or sunflower oil). To get the maximum nutrients combine vitamin-rich vegetables and cereals, meat, fish and healthy fats with all types of products. In between meal snacks raw fruits and vegetables. Only slightly manipulate steamed vegetables to retain their useful properties. Proper hydration is normal fluid intake improves blood circulation in your body and helps to quickly deliver to destination nutrients that support the health of your body and the body of the child. The aquatic environment also helps to improve the performance Brain: coming from him signals are transmitted to it more effectively. Drink more water, it will prevent constipation, wash away the bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections in pregnant women, and also improve the condition of your skin. Drink 6-8 glasses (about 2 liters) per day.

If the water you are experiencing nausea, add the lemon juice in it, or replace with milk, fresh fruit juices (diluted with water, to avoid excess sugar) or a harmless herbal tea. Caffeine Many women realize that she is pregnant after they have no desire to drink tea or coffee. Perhaps it is a natural hint of what these substance did not benefit during pregnancy. Moreover, the use of them in large quantities can lead to miscarriage. They can also cause insomnia and headaches, their reception during a meal prevents absorption of iron and folic acid. Caffeine is a diuretic, so the tea, coffee, cola, and to a lesser extent chocolate drinks cause dehydration.