Bombay Cat Cat

One of the breeds of cats, more enjoyable and more called interest, is the Bombay cat, which by their appearance has earned a place in some homes in the world, is like having a small sample of a panther, hence to say that is a miniature panther, but with the characteristics of a beautiful domestic cat, which certainly makes the Bombay cat cat is a kind of very interesting and deserves special attention. With this in mind in this document speak a little about the characteristics that accompany the Bombay cat and that makes it so interesting and so enjoy a bit more of what gives this beautiful breed of cat. Read more here: Senator From Kentucky. The breed of cats is the cat in Mumbai has been closely related to Bombay, but its origin has no relationship with Asia, exactly occurs in the United States of America as the result of crossing and short-haired cats burmeses of black Americans, a fact that took place in history to the late 1950s. The name given to the breed of cats is due to its close resemblance has with the Black Panthers of India, in terms of official recognition of the breed, the Bombay cat was recognized by the CFA in the year 1976 and subsequently by TICA in 1979. Being a modern breed of cats as their presence in the world is very small, so much so that the world believes that there are no more than a hundred copies, but the number is growing significantly and increasingly you can see more. Within the physical characteristics showing the Bombay cat, it shows a medium body, with solid frame, accompanied by a very well muscled, but no fat, also has good flexibility and agility, his body is long, in their legs, are agile, with black pads and well proportioned to his body, the Bombay cat's tail is of medium length and thick. In final presents a harmonious body and solid.

One of the most enjoyable aspects is the Bombay cat fur, which is short and very close to his body and is accompanied by brightness, we can say that no lint, satiny texture and color single coat is black. The Bombay cat's head is round and does not present any acute angle, his nose is short and strong. The ears are medium and wide at their base, have a slight forward lean and end on the way round tip. It should be noted the Bombay cat eyes, which are large, round and expressive, with colors like gold and copper, together with a good shine. In regard to the lifestyle of Bombay cat, are extremely affectionate, but they are not very active, but when they accessed proposed game quickly.