Being Innovative

The individual possesss diverse characteristics that if they do not show apparent for its organization. Its objectives, yearnings, meaning and importance that of to the work, desires, values, preferences, feelings, that compose the individual, then gifts and are determinative for all its actions, also in the organization, beyond serving of base and parameter for its motivation. A compliment of the administrator stops with its employee, of form with that it perceives that the growth of the corporation is also its growth, is an extraordinary impulse so that he makes a work of high quality. Used motivated for the ability they look the domain of the work, the development of the activities of resolution of problems and are strengthenn in being innovative. The companies more need each time to implant the motivation system, therefore they are demanding that its collaborators are capable to execute some tasks, that is, that they are multipurpose so that if reach a common objective. The result of the questionnaire perceives that the percentage of answers represents that the employees are motivated and satisfied with its work.

It can be concluded that this research goes to be of great value for City hall, because its recreativos administrators can accept the suggestions and provide to the employees, lectures, courses, moments and labor gymnastics, to bring the minority of unsatisfied to the group of the motivated ones. . Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes is often mentioned in discussions such as these.