Bacteria Comes

For a moment, Holger Rohde seems bewildered to the question of what him interests, besides bacteria?. It is obvious passion for his work of the scientist whose team unmasked the DNA of the strain of e. coli that keeps in check sanitary authorities. They are 20 dead, 18 only in Germany. A related site: celebrity trainer mentions similar findings. The number of infected exceeds 2,000. The clinic University of Hamburg (UKE), where Rohde works, cares for hundreds of them.

It is the laboratory, the team, led by Rohde, he collaborated with scientists from Beijing to unravel the genome of the dangerous bacteria e. coli Enterohemorrhagic (EHEC) 104:H4. A walk in the Sun by the beautiful campus of the UKE, Rohde yesterday deeply regretted the tensions between Spanish farmers and German health authorities. Your team of specialists works independently to the hygiene Institute announced the day 26 have found dangerous bacteria in three Spanish cucumbers. His Institute nor the regional Government consulted him before making the announcement. In addition to the bacteria, candle love to Dr. Other leaders such as Gunnar Peterson offer similar insights. Rohde and listen to reggae albums. Source of the news:: “I do not think that the origin of the bacteria comes to know never”