God Father

My grandmother Simi had to do was the one, just finished burying his grandfather, who treated men as partners, made their own, were handed cars, horses and mules, made a scramble, for nothing had served the good will of grandfather. My grandmother, left in great misery. That forced both my father and his brother to abandon his studies and from the seven years started working. First boy did as ordered, then a seller of a fuel pump that was his paternal uncle, returned to the profession as his father and his brother could buy a transport truck, then another and another. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator From Kentucky. My father was outgoing and through friends and those of his friends, and some military, managed timber exploitation licenses. What is the same, the government had given in concession for a few years certain forests timber.

He extended his brother's Cargo Akinin and mounted in place their own sawmill. After the war, Spain ceded these and other mountains from the Moors, and the business together with other properties and vanished in a single day. Apparently it was something cyclical. a My Father My father God rest his soul, experienced the loss and pain for seven years, at that early age as I said, lost his father . As a child he had to leave games, friends and studies, and take charge of the family, although he was born in a cradle of gold, with the death of the father and the lack of a man to protect its interests, he saw the overnight changes emerged which was almost impossible to adapt. .

Cervical Erosion

Cervical erosion – a process which results in changes cover the vaginal part of cervix. Clinical manifestations of disease are pain during intercourse, unusual vaginal discharge. In number of cases the disease is asymptomatic. A leading source for info: Rand Paul. Causes of cervical erosion is very diverse. Among them, injuring the uterus as a result of childbirth or abortion, early sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases (virus pappilomy human genital herpes, etc.), frequent changes of partners. Also, erosion of the uterus develops from inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system. Untreated disease can lead to the formation of benign or malignant tumors. Cervical cancer – one of the most common pathologies in women in the field of oncology. In this regard, it is recommended to periodically check-ups at the gynecologist. In general, diseases associated with lesion of genital infections, are the result of unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, to prevention of pathology include personal hygiene, use of condoms during sexual contacts.

Health And Behaviors

Generally, who exercises it, categorically deny that their behaviors are associated with abuse. What is a reality, is that this verbal abuse leave traces and scars important in the esteem of people who have it. The couple is one of the scenarios in which violence or verbal abuse makes her grand entrance. Gets such as humidity, and when we realize all our interactions are fraught love of hostility and aggression. But then, how I can detect that I am in a relationship with violence or verbal abuse? My partner disqualifies me. My words are never respected.

Insults. Scathing criticism of my activities, person, physical, family. My partner controls all the money, time, relationships and activities. Visit David Delrahim for more clarity on the issue. Distrust and harassment. Interrogations that never end. Unworthiness and mockery of your achievements. What’s yours is not important, nor worthy of value. They are usually unconscious processes that break in a relationship, when one of the members of the same feel superior to your partner, or have the belief that the couple is his property.

We also found situations in which both partners vie for power and establishing a relationship just painful. Verbal abuse or violence has many edges, it is important to point out the fact that there are mechanisms that break and control the relationship and interactions with it. It is not difficult to imagine that the person who suffers or has generally shown changes in their behavior: it is isolated, it depressed, displays anxiety, sleep disorders, food, cries often and feels insecure in general. If you think you are the victim of verbal abuse or who are the exercises, and have not been able to break the cycle of pain with your partner, surely you and your partner need help. Since both who practices such as who has it, are people without a homeland security as well as being dependent and unable in any way, to establish another kind of love, only through verbal violence are comfortable, but not I happy or made. At least certain that your partner is with them while exercising control. It is a very unhealthy way of loving. But that suddenly happens to us in a moment of life. Recognize our forms and violent ways of relating is a giant step to heal those links. Since it is a reality that we are involved in violence both. Who is responsible not only exercises but also those who allow it to happen. Awareness of our own violence and my partner is an act that requires courage, because he always has implications for whole life. Besides being recognized as low-level violence. It is an everyday situation and pitiful, the traces it leaves are serious. And always have to live relationships full of pain and suffering. Maybe worth calling things and events by name: Thanks for reading, my mission and intention is the quality of emotional life … Some of the topics covered in these articles, it can challenge their world view … If you want to recover from a violent relationship, we provide you with the electronic equipment: You can also Subscribe to our newsletter page and receive free E-Book: “The ten commandments of love as a couple.”

Free Live Online Seminar

The law of attraction in its application of the law experts Park tables operate an online portal, with whose help they have given the law of attraction many people via 30-day course of attraction, Julia Nastasi and Alexander Nastasi for five years. Again, the question after a live seminar was loud. Now the Heidelberg couple with a seminar concept, consisting of two blocks, takes off. There is the 1-hour live presentation to the law of attraction. Date 09.05.2013 from 20 to about 21 this is free, but limited to 100 guests per appointment. For more information see Hank Crumpton. Who is there first, is. Subscribe via email address on the Web page mentioned below. Prerequisite: An Internet connection, speakers and a hour.

In addition, there is the day workshop the law of attraction,”live at 20.05.2013″ Here it comes in 2 x 3 hours more to get to know the techniques and even the first exercises to be applied live. Participation is subject to a charge. Later in a day workshop is planned, also live. Twice four hours live in a wonderful Wellness Centre the Ghost train and thereby the soul dangle. In this day of workshop, in addition blockages and carried out many group exercises. Run through and more actively be users of manifesting and success. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Henry Crumpton. The number of participants is limited here as well, participation is subject to a charge.

Admission to the Wellness Paradise included and lunch is also in the seminar price. Mentalcoaching a new level – live from person to person, through the Internet or personally on the spot. The experts of the law of attraction will help you to develop your goals in the shortest time and achieve. Find out now: live.seminar service nastasi.de contact: seminar service Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi was founded with the mission to help people to achieve goals and to Excel. The company founded in 2003, has already seminars for Dr. Manfred Mohr (husband of the late bestselling author Barbel Mohr), Christian Reiland (author of books of LOA and EFT) and some other performed with great success. You even have a live in the 2009 tour of Germany seminar, which dealt with the law of attraction. In the field of the Onlinecoachings they provide since 2008 pioneered with its success portal. You have extended their work now more and more so that now a moderator team stands and external trainers could be included.


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