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Alcohol withdrawal does not always make sense, and is usually not successful millions of German, Austrian and Swiss suffer from alcohol problems. Only one fourteenth can be treated however. It fail almost all therapies and alcohol withdrawals. Spiegel Online refers to the 18.7.2012 on over 90% of unsuccessful therapies. At least in the second year, almost everyone drinking again.

In addition to its normal program to Alkholprobleme, Lavario, the largest provider of addiction self-help programs on the Internet, offers now also individual coaching to help alcoholics on the way out of addiction. How the mirror also reported that programs can with the aim of “less drinking” rather than total abstinence to be much more successful, like the Lavario program. Here, patients learn how to week reduced his consumption of alcohol and after 8 weeks achieved his goal. Each participant himself is the target: total abstinence might, but as well a glass of wine a day. Lavario points out that this is much more motivating for alcoholics.

Was crucial. that the brain learn to get along with less alcohol. In the conventional therapies, however, knows the brain chemistry just to much alcohol or no alcohol in cooking. Therefore, the famous “first glass” lead back into the alcohol addiction. The individual coaching program Lavario participants get an audiobook, texts and videos every week, and above all they can stand with the psychological team via email in Exchange to get their individual concerns and questions answered. The program is deliberately designed so that participants can remain anonymous and can pursue their normal daily lives. Lavario also pointed out that physical alcohol addiction withdrawal under medical supervision is the best option. but “only” 85% suffer from psychological dependency and all these people can learn less drinking. More information can be found under addiction treatment.

Being Innovative

The individual possesss diverse characteristics that if they do not show apparent for its organization. Its objectives, yearnings, meaning and importance that of to the work, desires, values, preferences, feelings, that compose the individual, then gifts and are determinative for all its actions, also in the organization, beyond serving of base and parameter for its motivation. A compliment of the administrator stops with its employee, of form with that it perceives that the growth of the corporation is also its growth, is an extraordinary impulse so that he makes a work of high quality. Used motivated for the ability they look the domain of the work, the development of the activities of resolution of problems and are strengthenn in being innovative. The companies more need each time to implant the motivation system, therefore they are demanding that its collaborators are capable to execute some tasks, that is, that they are multipurpose so that if reach a common objective. The result of the questionnaire perceives that the percentage of answers represents that the employees are motivated and satisfied with its work.

It can be concluded that this research goes to be of great value for City hall, because its recreativos administrators can accept the suggestions and provide to the employees, lectures, courses, moments and labor gymnastics, to bring the minority of unsatisfied to the group of the motivated ones. . Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes is often mentioned in discussions such as these.